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Chi Healer Abilities Testimonials Written


Chi Energy Healer Student Abilities Written Testimonials

Chi Energy Year Four Instructor ---- My new normal is spectacular!

Advanced Chi Energy Practitioner John

"I thank Sifu Jones most every visit for my health & the Chi School of Energy Method. I can't begin to explain in mere words on how great my body feels. I can easily feel my heartbeat throughout, in my joints, legs, finger tips to toe tip."

"Aches, pains, illness. a mere distant memory.
Body moves freely in all directions not ever failing to surprise on new amplified sensations.Hearing, touch,sight, smell, taste, & other 6 senses all highly enhanced. At will regulating blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, mood all at will. No doubt body feels better now than any time I can remember.

This is what I wish for you,
The greatest gift of this world.

PS I'm 62 years seasoned, & have seen the "other side of health"

All my best John"

----- Update

John - Advanced Chi Triber...
has more to say on the Chi Building Effect.

I can feel what you’re thinking
OK John you feel great, that’s nice

* You know the saying “never miss something till it’s gone”
* You truly appreciate something when it’s gained back

A small taste of my personal “other side of health”

*** 4 decades daily enduring 7 fractured vertebrae
*** 2 decades of “needles in each ear drum”, 3-4 months each spring
*** 2+ decades of debilitating industrial poisoning

All blissfully relieved, without the periodic reminders
Thank you, thank you, thank you, chi school of healing energy!!!


Inspired Bio-Energy Results of a Loved One...

Hello Sifu Cicero,

I'd like to organize a Skype call to help me tune into the right things as I want to begin training again. It's been a weird couple of years with out training and I feel it's time to get back into it. When I started with my younger brother a couple years ago I didn't have the right mind set and didn't really view this as a healing method... I now look back and think I probably got into it all with the wrong intentions.

Now after watching Alice grow with the training and seeing how you and the advanced instructors helped her heal her body and all the things that came with that, it really helped to change the way I thought about the school and what comes of cultivating energy in this method.

Right now I'd to join the school as a member, with the intentions to heal my body/mind and become closer with god through the schools guidance. Thank you for the call today, it is really amazing the things you can do over the phone! Thank you for everything you do!

Kindest Regards,


Two Doctors Diagnosed Her with MS

Hello Sifu Jones,

What a pleasure speaking with you recently.  I have made some wonderful gains in my personal time of chi exercise.  I recognize an increase of sensitivity to chi.  The other day someone walked by and their chi became apparent to me.  That is huge for me.  What is really wonderful in my own practice is how it gets better and better full of joy.

My daughter was going through a weird physical ailment.  I monitored the situation.  I am not one to "jump" at the opportunity so-to-speak. Her ailment included slurred speech, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and other significant signs of physical decline.  At one point my wife and I discussed how to legally get custody of our granddaughters should our daughter pass.  It was serious.  Two doctors diagnosed her with MS.  I laughed.  That was the day I decided to introduce cool good feeling chi into the situation.

She was doing the dishes and I asked her if she would mind if I did some chi work with her.  She agreed.  I told her to let me know if it feels the slightest bit uncomfortable.  I guided three screens down her body while she continued the dishes.  I asked her how that felt and she responded great.  I could see that her muscles had immediately relaxed.  From that day forward I saw her physically get better.  No longer did she slur her words. Her blood pressure has dropped.  Even yesterday as they drew blood from her they commented how much more healthy her blood was this time around as compared to the last time.  I guess the last time they drew blood it was more like sludge.  This time it just poured out a healthy bright red.

Finally, after doing a bunch of tests MS is no longer a diagnosis.  They did an MRI and CAT Scan and ruled out strokes.  I can tell you she is on the road to living out the days of her life in a very healthy way. Once again, thank you for this cool good feeling way.

Respectfully, JC


Animals Respond Well To Chi Energy

Recently, a Pit Bull attacked a Siberian Husky in my presence. It was nothing less than awesome to move the energy of what almost became a horrific fight. While the Siberian Husky did receive some injuries they were so minor that no reason existed to even take it to the vet. I was able to get the Pit Bull to lie on its side and guide cool good feeling energy through the dog. This heated animal quickly cooled down and that was the end of the fight. What I experienced next was nothing short of amazing. The dog and I had an instant connection so deep communication went on between us. Something transpired between us that was so uplifting I imagine this is the way animals and man were meant to get along. That Pit Bull experience changed the way I view animals for the better.

Currently, I have taken in a dog for a short period of time while its owner makes some adjustments to her life. This dog is a big girl. She has intimidated people through growling and overly active behavior. She came to me in that condition. Before she came, she excited easily and jumped on people. Her demeanor was one of fear. In the first couple days, we just about quenched that behavior. This dog can get wild easily. She loses focus and cannot seem to find her purpose as a dog. As we connected, she has found much of her purpose. For me, that is the victory, introducing animals to their purpose. My wife and daughter cannot believe her transformation. It is easy to see she is not the same dog that came to us. She started digging and by using the cool good feeling it did not become a habit or issue. This dog has become grounded. Although, she still gets startled easily. I did not mention she was a rescue. So we have no idea how her original owners treated her. If I had to guess, I would say they used intimidation tactics. After she was rescued, her new owner, the husband, mistreated her with heated anger and frustration. His friends did not help either as they badgered her in their drunken stupors. She came to me not liking men. She has cooled down a lot just in a few days. When she went into places in the yard that she did not belong my wife simply said, "Garden" and she wisely stays out of the area. So, not only have I connected but she is open to connecting with others. That is far more important because ultimately she needs to connect to her female owner. The husband is now out of the picture.

I love working cool good feeling chi with dogs. Actually, I love the connection and seeing the dog transform. I have other stories but I will refrain. As for me, I have become more aware of the cool good feeling that is always here and then guiding chi through my upper body. Now I have restarted my daily chi practice. My heart, chest area feels better. This particular thing started with chemotherapy and then amplified after surgery. It has always been annoying since its beginning. Of course, doctors have no idea what is happening. It is most likely overactive nerves, which has been the new me in this body since cancer treatment. Whatever, the bout this time around was tough but once I relaxed down and just accepted it things turned for the better.

Thank you for your support.

Closer to God

I hope this letter finds you filled with the presence of God. I wanted to share something with you that has come up recently…  A few weeks ago, I had an urge to send you an email to simply thank you for all that you have put out into the world.  For some reason, I chose not to.  I got in my car and very profound experiences began to happen associated with you. They continued on during my drive home, after I got home last night and into today. I now see that Sifu Cicero was the catalyst for this…thank you Sifu Cicero.

So, that was enough for me to know what I should send it to you now.  In 2005, the presence of God showed up and essentially wiped me out.  For about a year, I barely spoke. I was essentially immobilized by the immensity of the Glory of God.  I lost all interest in the world and physicality.  The presence of God was enough. Somehow by the Grace of God, I managed to function just enough to stay in the world.  Eventually, I could not function in the world in the typical way having a job.  This worked itself out by me becoming a stay-at-home dad.From 2005-2014, I had zero interest in the world or the body.

My being here was simply sustained by the Love of God expressed as my wife and kids.  My love for them is overwhelming as you can probably sense now.  In 2014, I discovered your school. And for the first time, I felt like I had found what I had always meant to be in this world; I had found my voice in the world. The magnificence that has flowed into my life since starting the school and working with Sifu Cicero is beyond description and measure.  My ability and joy of being part of the world and interacting with others is astounding.  My wife and I joke about how dramatic this has been all the time. What has struck me most is the care, consideration, dedication and love you and Sifu Cicero have for each and every student.  What a gift you both are to the world.  So, from the depth of my heart and what I am in Truth…  thank you.