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Chi Healer Abilities Testimonials Written


Chi Energy Healer Student Abilities Written Testimonials

A Year One Month Twelve Chi Energy Student

I've seen people call this a scam or not worth the time, mainly on the YouTube videos.  I'll say that this Chi Energy School has more to it than any other simply because it operates on a scientific basis. I'm not one who believes in superstitions or mystic stuff without the evidence.  It was the articles that brought me here and they are also what has kept me. The teachers constantly show abilities that just couldn't be explained with parlor tricks. No editing between one scene or the next so no room for tricks.

From Yang to Yin: A Chi Energy Student's Experience by Joy

I’m still in my first year at the Chi Energy Heals School, and I must say, I feel like years have passed within months.  Everything has changed so fast, and so drastically, it’s even hard for me to grasp at times.  But I definitely wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

In the beginning, I pushed hard like most of us do, thinking I was in fact at a “yin” state.  When I started to become overly emotional about the smallest things, or becoming tired and falling asleep during the day, I didn’t really understand it.  I thought, am I not supposed to be amping up my energy in a way that I have an abundance of it?  Yet I was also experiencing a roller coaster ride in my life and situations.  I learned later that the school is set up so that we can learn from our mistakes, which makes sense because throughout my life, that is ultimately how I’ve learned many things.

After months of doing my exercises and fine-tuning them with private sessions, I finally got to a point where I could really relax and guide the energy around my body instead of using excessive mental force.  You just have to let yourself completely go.  It feels like surrendering when you melt into existence and become one with it.  And boy, is it relieving to be at a super relaxed state!

We grew up with the “no pain, no gain” mentality, so I understand why sometimes it’s hard for us to just relax and let nature take its course.  Upon going to this school, my understanding of this cool temperature and good feeling has expanded so greatly and has affected my life in so many positive ways.  I know I can put out a fire just like that in any situation by applying the Tri-Concept that the school always emphasizes on.

I also know that I’m doing something right when I get 6 people offering me a job on the same day!  And I never even reached out to any of them.  They came to me.  Talk about law of attraction kicking in.  I just chuckled because I knew I was doing the exercises in a cool, good feeling way.

My relationship with my boyfriend has also greatly improved.  I am now fully living in the present moment when I’m around him.  I realized that I don’t need to be such a hard judge on myself or others.  We are all in this together and by knowing that, I am a softer judge on everyone, including myself.

When people around me seem to be in a good mood, I also smile to myself because I know.  It’s like a chain reaction: when you’re nice and cool and feeling good, everything and everyone around you can feel it.  It’s wonderful!  When I focus on building a loving relationship with myself, it radiates from my being, and people are inspired and affected by that in a profound way.  J

A Chi Energy Graduate Student

My name is Justin Dean. My chi journey has been quite an interesting one. I have been involved in chi development for the last seven years. It all started a few months after my 21st birthday. I first came in contact with a Reiki teacher during one of my travels to the Caribbean islands. I became fascinated by the strange and wonderful feelings coming from my teacher’s hands and body. At the time I had suffered from an injury for the last twelve years that in many ways left me crippled and in constant pain for most of my life. I was in a horse riding accident and was thrown from my horse and I landed on a rock. The fall fractured my coccyx and the force of the fall actually shifted if forward on one side.

Unfortunately I was always taught from a young age to be proud and never to allow pain or other emotions affect me. Unbeknownst to me the constant pain from the injury slowly over the years allowed anger to grow in my heart and I suffered from extreme depression. Of course it wasn’t until years later I discovered that it was a direct result of my injury and not being able to deal with the pain as well as the limitations of my body. I was unable to do sports and be as active in outdoor activities as I wanted to be. The mind is a powerful tool that can often deceive us and the funny thing is that it feels it’s doing the right thing. An odd complexity of the human being I suppose. As I started to learn about the chi and experience the feelings in a healing way I slowly discovered and was awakened to the reality of whom and what I was. So much emotion never expressed in my life. So much suffering that I never healed from. The most profound thing about the chi in my experience was the actual relief from pain. I had gone so many years of constantly feeling deep pain in my body. And when I had my first healing for what felt like the first time in my life I honestly felt no pain. I felt emotional relief and freedom. And I got the first taste of happiness. A feeling that was foreign to me; it was real, true happiness.

I had honestly over the years tried everything. From chiropractors to heavy pain medications and nothing took it away. Imagine a thousand knives constantly digging into your bones shooting piercing pain and bringing about difficult bowel movements; the kind of pain that makes it hard to walk, sit or even sleep. So as you can imagine I instantly developed a unique and cherished relationship to this new found energy. For the first time in my life I was truly happy and felt like there was a place for me and gave me the drive to want to discover life again. I became somewhat obsessed with understanding everything about chi . I trained under my teacher in the art of Reiki and grew a passion for love and healing. After a year or so I had learned everything I could from my teacher. My questions could no longer be answered. I needed answers. I needed to understand what was happening to me. This was a turning point that really shaped my searching for answers and brought me along an exciting path. I started searching other methods and learning different techniques; most of which were at great detriment to my personal health and growth. In the course of my searching I had gotten hurt many times emotionally, physically and mentally. In my opinion the later one was the worst in terms of the consequences.

I remember thinking that there has to be someone in this world who knows the answers to my questions. There has to be someone who can teach me beyond what I know; not just confusing books and teaching methods full of mystical words and concepts that just don’t make any sense. After years of searching and learning a lot in the process I had finally come across Sifu Jones’ method. I felt good about joining the program. At this point I had been involved in chi for close to four years so I developed a sense of intuition if you will. I knew there was something more to this. I ordered the program and got my first training session. I was so excited at the possibility of enlarging my concepts and honestly had no idea to the vast realm of what chi really is. I immediately performed the exercise that was instructed to me and my chi was shooting out the roof. I felt amazing! It was as if I was just supercharged with incredible energy and my whole body was literally buzzing with chi. I knew from that point this method was really unique and finally I had found a teacher that really knew and understood chi beyond a mystical way but a scientific and precise understanding that really brought me instant results.

Since then I have spent 3 years under Sifu Jones’ instruction only to find the world of chi more fascinating each and every month. My personal growth has been astounding. My abilities in healing, self control and belief have reached beyond my expectations and this is only the beginning. There is no limit to what I can do now. The amount of confidence from the training really shapes who you are, giving you contentment. In a fast paced world of uncertainties, contentment is a beautiful thing. One of my favorite parts of the program is the preparation of what is to come in the training. I had mentioned before that getting hurt in the mind can bring disastrous results. For me, anything to avoid that is a plus in my book. The training is always preparing you for what you will experience in the near future so that when it does start happening, you are completely prepared and already have the understanding needed to fully grasp the concepts. Understanding the concepts and getting your questions answered is key to developing your abilities. It also provides for a safe training environment giving the best results in the fastest time possible. If you pay attention and learn to aware and understand your surroundings unique experiences will happen on a daily basis.

Chi Energy Year Three Student

The term “healer” I used in the title relates not only to the physical health: she heals and teaches how to heal by ourselves literally all aspects of our being. Like many other teachers Sifu Cicero knows the stuff she is teaching, she can deliver her “stuff” to her pupils (sometimes not very clear in the beginning, but getting clearer a bit later, with more training and along with other explanations), no question she is smart and has a great sense of humor (which is essential in my case). What makes her somewhat different: she also pushes (again, I speak only for myself) for those changes in life, which I knew I had to make but didn’t have a strength to make. Sifu shows genuine interest in her students and this makes studying with her even more effective. Generally, I think the government should make it obligatory for everybody to go through some amount of lessons like those Sifu Cicero is giving, at least make them a part of all Health Insurances.