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Cultivate & Build Formed Chi Energy

Welcome to the School of Chi Energy

Building Chi is Electrically Healing & Transforming with the School of Chi Energy Method

Discover how you can learn to Harness your Bio-Energy to extremely High Levels in Energy Healing Abilities & Chi Techniques with our active online training method. Learn how to become electrically sensitive to your body’s internal temperature and emotional content preparing them to handle an increasing Energy Buildup.  

Training in the Chi Energy Method

You’ll find the School of Chi Energy teaches a type of Electrical Process Training to Buildup your Body’s Nerve Fibers.  You’ll learn how to “Form Chi” from the output of the Buildup.  Our Chi Training Classes will take you step by step in this easy to learn building process. You will discover how to become sensitive to this biophoton energy that is felt as an electrical flux of tangible Chi.  As a Chi Energy Student, you are taught how to Form Chi with a good feeling & cool temperature.  And you’ll experience that the Buildup of your Nerve Fiber System over time has the ability to accept an ever increasing volume of energy. This ever increasing Chi Buildup results in very High Amounts of Energy in the Body and in Circular Energy Form. 

Learn more about Chi Energy Training with Sifu Jones to achieve in a safe manner how to reach the Higher Levels of Energy Healing and Chi Abilities.

Classes in Chi Energy Training

by Sifu Jones

 Formed Chi Energy has a Powerful Healing Potential…

Our Chi Energy Student Learns to Build Formed Chi to High Levels in the Right Way.

  • Each student learns to cultivate energy by performing the daily Nerve Fiber Building energy exercise. The NFB is one of the best ways to increase the build up of bioenergy in the body’s nerve fiber system in a safe way.

  • Students will learn how to perform the NFB by using our exclusive Tri-concept method. The Tri-concept is a good feeling and cool temperature transfer into a specialized form of bioenergy.
  • As the student guides this specialized energy form through the body’s nerve fibers, they will experience an increase in energy. Students learn that this is an incremental energy buildup at first in order for their body’s nerve fiber system to handle more powerful energy exercises along in their training.
  • Students will also be trained how to guide their energy form to assist the release of Natural Killer Cells which are used to patrol and protect their body. They will learn to guide the bioenergy form in order to control their own body’s hormonal flow, increase the body’s circulatory system and learn how the law of attraction really works.

Instructor Support for the Chi Energy Student

  • Chi Training Requires Active Feedback which is why we offer Enrolled Students three complimentary “Instructor Private Led Sessions” per year via (Skype or Phone) along with Instructor Email support for Monthly Training Feedback Reports.
  • Our Chi Energy Classes are presented every thirty days upon tuition to live stream and/or download our Chi Training Instructional Videos, Audios and PDF Daily Routine Classes.
  • As Chi Training Requires Active Feedback, students will be taught how to use easy feedback devices and training props for their own personal feedback. These feedback devices will be used to provide and help you to adjust how you build up Formed Chi as you practice your Chi Training during the day for an average of twenty minutes at a time.

Sifu Jones Talks: Chi Energy Cultivation the Right Way

by Sifu Jones

 Chi Energy Form Training Monthly Class Lesson Overview

  • School of Chi Energy Classes: Each Chi Energy Student’s monthly set of class lessons teach techniques to exponentially increase their body’s Bioenergy to higher levels with a step by step procedure. Students will be taken to a professional level through the practice of low aerobic impact energy exercises called the Nerve Fiber Building Energy exercise.
  • Our exclusive online Chi Energy Tri-Concept: Students are taught how create and transfer the attributes of a good feeling and a cool temperature directly into their Bio-Energy Specialized Form. Learning how to transfer a cool temperature into Bio-Energy allows our students to be able to perform extraordinary chi energy techniques.
  • School of Chi Energy Sensitivity Energy Exercises: Chi Energy Students learn and perform a series of two to five minutes sensitivity energy exercises along with their daily Nerve Fiber Building Energy exercise to build precision with Formed Bioenergy.
  • School of Chi Energy Formed Bioenergy: Chi Energy Students will be instructed on how to tune into an actual physical feeling of the Formed Bioenergy. They’ll learn how these Bioenergy Forms are made up of biophotons that have the ability to retain megabytes of amplified information for healing and advanced abilities.

 Advanced Chi Energy Training Beyond Year Four

This Elite Group of Chi Energy Advanced Practitioners are those that choose to Specialize at the Circuit\Vortex Form Training Level Year Five and Beyond. Advanced Instructors are offered the opportunity to be on Private Student sessions via phone or Skype with the Sifus’.

Formed Chi is an Exceptional Bio-Energy Buildup of the Electrical Body

Students are instructed online how to build up or cultivate Chi Energy to high levels in a step by step way through their entire body’s nerve fiber system. This type of energy buildup helps to enlarge and elongate the body’s nerve fibers naturally, which allow the student to project much more biophotons then normal.  As they perform their first Energy Flow Pattern, called the Nerve Fiber Building exercise, they’ll find this process releases a type of light called biophotons.

This light when ‘cooled down’ and formed correctly with the right attributes can be molded into a Powerful Dense Form of Bio-Energy.  In each year of training, students will learn how to buildup and mold these biophotons into more advanced healing forms of energy that develop into unique abilities and healing techniques.

Your own body’s bioenergy is built up over time with our Nerve Fiber Building Energy exercise. Each month you will learn how to build up high amounts of energy through out your entire body’s nerve fiber system. This is accomplished with specially designed energy exercises that create a healing energy form.

These bioenergy exercises are very different from physical education type exercises like pushups or situps for they are Bio-Electrical Flow patterns. All the energy exercises are low aerobic impact. Your body will feel significant increases in energy when you perform the exercises in the right way. Most people dis-associate from the exercises they are practicing. These particular exercises work better, the more you can associate to what you are actually doing.

Chi Energy Cultivation Built-up the Right Way

Develops into Advanced Healing Energy with Unique Abilities

  • Learn that Chi Energy or Bio-photons is a type of light with an electrical magnetic component to it.
  • Find out how these Bio-photons behave or act just like electricity acts. Learn how Bio-photons initially come out in a hot & destructive way.
  • Listen to how the School will show you the best way to work with these Bio-photons in order to use them in a powerful way.