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Chi Cultivation of Healing Energy – Becoming One with the Formed Chi

 Building Chi to Become One with Energy

I am one who wanted tangible proof that my Energy Healing Practice would become a Supernatural Life lived. So I was persistent and kept knocking on doors searching for those who could teach what I desired. Finally my door did open. The door that opened was to a Chi Man whose Energy Method. What I found turned my world upside down.

The Chi Energy Method was Quite Unusual. It was unusual in that I found the energy exercises were way too easy to perform. How could I believe this process could build up high levels of energy that was Tangible into what he called Formed Chi

My background in energy work wasoff the grid” in deep esoteric practices. I was over my lifetime privileged more than most to be involved in long term private training in many related Energy Fields of Learning. Not to bore you yet to make a point, here is the list of my private training triad that began in the 80’s: it began with with Remote Viewing, Psychic Channeling, Sacred Geometry progressing to Chi, Karate & Kundalini Masters progressing right up into the Mainstream of Duke University’s Mindfulness Program, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Thai Yoga Therapy besides all my Theravada & Mahayana Buddhist Practices including the deep study & the practice of Ayurveda Nutrition & Methods – (ok, there was more) yet I refrain.

I was for all purposes really quite “experienced in my Energy Techniques & Healing Work” with good results for others; yet not so for me, as I found out with Cancer years ago before this Chi Method.

The Door Opens to Find Sifu Jones & Formed Chi Energy

It was one very ordinary day this most unassuming sensitive Chi Man, named Sifu Jones began to teach me how to buildup a very tangible bio-energy.  I found each day I performed the this Nerve Fiber Building Energy Flow Pattern (mind you in a sitting position) my energy levels did increase. He said I was building up my entire body’s nerve fiber system and being taught how to tune into a physical type of tangible density and pressure that was bioenergy.  I also learned cooling this Energy Form was important part along with a relaxed good feeling of emotional content that he said would be transferred into what he called Formed Chi.

During the first year of my daily Energy Buildup Flow-pattern, I started to have the ability to perform some very unique healing abilities & techniques.  It became very apparent to me that I could guide and place this dense bio-energy-form throughout my internal and external areas of my body.  As I progressed, I was taught to buildup a larger specialized bio-form in a more rapid pattern. This is where more precision was needed to cool the bio-form of photons and increase the good feeling. This procedure is called the Tri-Concept.  It is a ‘Healing Formula‘ that I learned to transfer and transform my Formed Chi Buildup as it continually became Denser in Electromagnetic Bio-Energy-Formed-Chi.

My Way to Health & Healing Benefits

In the beginning year of training, I found that by performing these specially designed energy exercises that I was lowering my heart rate and blood pressure.  As the training months past, I found that I was feeling in great health and vigor. I experienced more longer lasting good feeling energy each day without side effects of a coffee high and crash. Learning to feel this good every day where I was more physically and emotionally flexible was very appealing. It led to developing an attractive tone of voice and attitude.

It was this good feeling cooling mixture that allowed me to breakthrough into each new level of training.  Sifu Jones said to me “this is due to the Tri-Concept Formula which Transforms an Electrical type of Magnetic Bioenergy into Formed Chi that is exceptionally Healing to the Body”.  Please refer to the different scientific reference articles on how cool temperatures effect the body’s nerve fiber system.   So as I kept Chi Building, my energy levels kept increasing and I could perform more and more unique types of healing and chi abilities.

In tandem with my First Year in Chi Buildup, I learned how my body worked physiologically with this unique energy method.  Sifu Jones showed me how my body’s pheromones behaved to my advantage as a direct result of energy buildup. There were so many health topics in the training that were never covered in other energy methods that I studied. For health reasons, I was very interested in how my body’s Natural Killer cells increased as I kept building-up my Bio-Energy. It was excellent to learn techniques to release more of those valuable NK cells in body using my Bio-Energy Form. (refer to the article: Natural Killer Cells).

What I can tell you is that it is a wonderful thing to find in my mature years that my energy levels and body feels better than in my youth. I wake up in gratitude and joy each day ready to build Formed Chi again.

Building My Chi Form of Bio-Energy at the Higher Levels

At the Professional Level in my Chi Training, I am now able to expand into a large 3D Tangible Specialized Held in Place Chi Form of internal Moving Chi that has good feeling dense volume and vortex velocity.  Yes it can be done, as long as I understand that this an Electrical Process that needs my attention to the Rules that govern the Electrical Magnetic Nature of Bio-Energy Cultivation and Buildup in this Chi Method.

I know how this sounds… what I’m saying.  Yet it’s tangibly real enough as this Large Circular Chi Form Stays in Place — the unusual part is that this is my new normal after the flight time put into and continued in this Chi Method.  One more incredible thing, I found I could after enough formed chi of electromagnetic energy is that I could span into both a Spirit Self and Worldly Self.  It is in this state that I can expand or contract in my Tangible Circular Chi Form to perform the what others may call the impossible.  It’s not impossible it is God’s physics and our inherited gifts as Spirit Beings of the Most High God.

To wrap this up, I’ll tell you that my Chi Practice is still is an amazing journey as I keep building Formed Chi and discovering the many abilities waiting to be activated.  I am very blessed for this an unexpected professional skill and gift from a very humble & right minded Chi Man known as Sifu Jones…for this method never plateaus and neither do I.

We all are on a journey to find the best path to choose “the spiritual healer within”.  If you have a strong desire to learn this buildup of bio-energy at a professional level, then I invite you to visit the School of Chi Energy for a most unique adventure.