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The Spirit Being is the Healer Within

My Bio-Energy Healing Story of the Spirit Being Within…

By Sifu Cicero

Bio-Energy Healing

There are those of us who are explorers seeking a tangible truth of the supernatural and the reality of a living God. We want a ‘tangible proof’ that communication exists beyond the physical. Some of us have found that a unique Bio-Energy Healing Method does just that. I found out that the building up Bio-Energy thru the Nerve Fiber System does change everything to align with Health and Healing. My Bio-Energy Healing Story of how the Power of Peace Amplifies…Within

So we ask if it is possible that the supernatural exists within and around us.  Could we be a spiritual being in a physical existence asleep to our own self.  If so, could we awaken and influence our natural mind with our spirit being mind and to what extent.

Or is it as others believe, that we are only the physical body\mind and it is after death we become a spirit being or perhaps even cease to exist.

We know there are many of us who do believe due to our own supernatural experiences. For some have had those up close personal near death encounters and a variety of un-worldly out of time experiences.  If you would like to know how the Chi Energy Method can help you reach more of your spirit being within, please read on…

I am one of those who wanted to know more and have had supernatural experiences. I kept knocking and searching to find a tangible truth of these un-wordly happenings. Finally, I did open the right door and found that I am a spirit being that lives within my human body with a physical mind. I also know that I will continue to live on long after I shed my body. I have experienced that I am both my physical body/mind and a spirit being that have a shared life. The question is then how did I come to know this separate self having a tangible experience.

Let me start to explain briefly, that I’ve spent many years in off the grid private energy training methods with several advanced teachers yet; unfulfilled in many ways. Everything changed though, after I decided to talk with God about this very real un-fulfilled issue. When I did I had no idea out of nowhere I’d find a most unusual chi energy man, named Sifu Jones. I found that Sifu Jones had a very tangible chi energy method that showed me that there was more to energy work than the human part of me could imagine. I found it took time to build up my nerve fibers that releases an energy called biophotons. I was taught to learn how to tune into a real tangible density and pressure of bioenergy.  This bioenergy which was very physical came from the biophotons that I cultivated and formed from my body’s nerve fiber system.  It was due to the ‘biophotons that formed’ that I could perform abilities not in a superman way but in a spirit being way. Through the chi energy buildup I could be a tangible part of the healing experience with unusually advanced abilities. Now at high levels of my bioenergy buildup, I tangibly know I am a Spirit Being of a living God in whom I trust. I live with a programmed worldly mind and my real spirit mind. Yes, I’ve gone beyond the rational mind and tangibly have a personal relationship with God who is Within me.

During that private training time with Sifu Jones, it was and still is a very supernatural experience. This private training relationship led into Sifu Jones designing an online School. He designed each set of classes in it’s purest form without the dilution of other methods. I listened and practiced as he taught me the method inside and out. Then, we took the time together to develop his method into the School of Chi Energy, which launched in September of 2010. He took his private one on one teachings and created four years of high end, yet simple step by step training to provide students like myself or those new to energy work how to reach extremely high levels. He teaches that chi or biophotons can be formed in place. This is done by performing a nerve fiber energy exercise that develops the body’s nerve fibers that creates a tangible pressure and density in a specialized form. It was through this method that I found out that there is more to this “healer within” than I could have reasonably anticipated.

It was during my early part of the Chi Energy Training that I found out how much I was emotionally controlled by my own body’s hormonal & pheromone flows. Yet, after performing the chi energy exercises within the first 30 days with an interesting technique, called the Tri-concept, my body’s hormonal flow started to change. With other private energy methods that I had experienced, I always had an emotional roller coaster ride of sensations depending on my own mood. If anyone has spent time and investment in high end private training, they know what I’m referring to when I say I was working with a lot of energy; however, with the Chi Energy method I found the training to be done in a moderate way and not an extreme way. I was able to train my mind and body to become relaxed and calm while building “biophotons in place” via my entire nerve fiber system with a cool temperature and good feeling process. Once I became “sensitive” and was trained to “tune into” this type of energy, I was able to expand my consciousness or more accurately my spirit being beyond my body without any unwanted side effects.

Nearing the end of twelve months of building up my nerve fibers, I started to physically feel a slight movement of my spirit being expanding out into the ‘circular energy form’ during practice. I also found that by performing these specially designed energy exercises that I was experiencing a deeper level of calmness, which was all quite new to me during energy work practice. As the training months past, I found that I was feeling excellent in great health and vigor and was more physically and emotionally flexible with an attractive tone of voice and attitude toward others. I never realized how tight I was inside my own body even though I had been doing a form of mindful meditation and esoteric practices along with medical Qigong as a daily practice for most of my life.

I learned along with other students that it was the Tri-concept which is Sifu Jones’ signature part of the Chi Energy process, which really makes the difference. Once learned, the student changes hot fast moving biophotons into good feeling and cool temperature static forms of healing energy. These biophotons over time build up a very real and quite powerful form in a refined way, due to a built in precision, as part of the training. What I learned in the method was how temperature has to be accounted for while building up and performing high level energy work. Refer to the different scientific reference articles on why this temperature fact is true. Looking back, I realized I could have never made this distinction between the human body and the spirit being because of the inherent flaws in those energy methods I was studying.

After I found out how temperature has to be accounted for while building up high levels of energy, this unique energy method also showed me how my body’s pheromones and natural killer cells are directly affected by temperature control. These are topics that were never covered in the different other energy methods that I studied. This method explained how using this Tri-concept is the best way to release my natural killer cells. Our body’s Natural Killer cells are our body’s last line of defense against viruses. (refer to the article: Natural Killer Cells )

By learning to cultivate large amounts of Qi or bioenergy in this specific way, I was able to bring an expansion of my spirit being away from my physical body. In the past, when I heard people talking about remote viewing, astral projection or out of body experiences, I could only think of or perform these abilities in an abstract or a metaphysical way. I found out these techniques are obtainable by learning to tune into “bioenergy” with a relaxed sensitivity that turns out to be more powerful than heightened sensations. Over time with Chi Energy Training, I learned how to maintain a relaxed way of working with an energy form; the energy form always feels good with a cool air conditioned temperature feeling regardless of how unpleasant the person(s) or circumstances I was encountering.

Each of us tries to find the best path to choose “the healer within”. I found my best path was training with the School of Chi Energy Method and learned that being a professional healer takes training time, adjusting from your mistakes and tuning into the right type of energy. If you’re interested in being able to physically feel your spirit being self and performing energy work at a professional level, then I invite you to visit the School of Chi Energy.