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Chi Energy Healing Training

Tangible Proof of Chi Energy

I am one who wanted tangible proof that building bio-energy would become a supernatural life lived.  I was persistent and kept knocking on doors searching for those who could teach what I desired. Finally my door did open. What I found turned my world turned upside down. I found that bio-energy can be built up to levels more tangible then I’ve ever encountered.  The door that opened was to a Chi Man whose Method was most un-common to the energy gurus I had studied under. This Bio-Energy Method that was really quite unusual. It was unusual in that I found the energy exercises were way too easy to perform. How could I believe this process could build up high levels of energy.  My background in energy work was “off the grid” complex esoteric private instruction.

The Open Door to Bio-Energy BuildUp

During this one very ordinary day this most unassuming chi man, named Sifu Jones began to teach me how to buildup a very tangible bio-energy.  I found each day I performed the Energy Flow Pattern (mind you in a sitting position) my energy levels increased. He said I was building up my entire body’s nerve fiber system and being taught how to tune into a physical type of tangible density and pressure that was bioenergy.  I also learned cooling the bio-form was important along with a relaxed good feeling of emotional content. 

During the first year of my daily Energy Buildup Flow-pattern, I had the ability to perform some very unique healing abilities.  It became very apparent to me that I could guide and place this dense bio-energy-form throughout my internal and external parts of the body.  As I progressed, I was taught to buildup a larger specialized bio-form in a more rapid pattern. This is where more precision was needed to cool the bio-form of photons and increase the good feeling. This procedure is called the ‘Tri-Concept Healing Formula’.

The Health Benefits

In the beginning year of training, I found that by performing these specially designed energy exercises that I was lowering my heart rate and blood pressure.  As the training months past, I found that I was feeling in great health and vigor. I experienced more longer lasting good feeling energy each day without side effects of a coffee high and crash. Learning to feel this good every day where I was more physically and emotionally flexible was very appealing. It led to developing an attractive tone of voice and attitude. I later learned that the bio-energy-form amplifies all the five senses (tone being one of them). 

What a wonderful day to find in my mature years that my energy levels are better than in my youth. I found the buildup of bio-energy still continues to increase my body’s metabolic rate. I wake up in joy each day for I feel great.  Yes, it was this good feeling cooling mixture that allowed me to breakthrough into each new level of training.  Sifu Jones calls this as the Tri-Concept Healing Formula. I just knew that using this formula I could build up high levels of densely formed bio-energy.  It kept increasing my energy levels and abilities.  Please refer to the different scientific reference articles on how cool temperatures effect the body’s nerve fiber system. In tandem with the buildup, I learned how my body worked with this unique energy method. 

He showed me how my body’s pheromones behaved to my advantage as a direct result of energy buildup. There were so many health topics in the training that were never covered in other energy methods that I studied. For health reasons, I was very interested in how my body’s Natural Killer cells increased as I kept building-up my Bio-Energy. It was excellent to learn techniques to release more of those valuable NK cells in body using my Bio-Energy Form. (refer to the article: Natural Killer Cells).

Building Bio-Energy at the Higher Levels

At the higher levels in Chi Training, I found was able to expand beyond my body into a dense electrical pressure waves of formed Circular Biophotonic Energy. My Bio-Form had volume, velocity with electrical magnetic properties that had tons of memory storage. All it took was my daily attention in chi practice, I learned to lower my intensity by transferring temperature, relaxation and good feeling content into the buildup of the Bio-Form.  Incredibly due to the nature of the bio-energy form, I found my Spirit Being Self could learn how to expand out into this Bio-Form.  I was still present in the body yet expanded into a form that I cultivated from my daily chi energy practice.

What an unexpected gift…that keeps on giving in all types of ways. This Bio-Energy Method still is an amazing journey for me as I keep building and discovering more healing abilities with my physical and spiritual senses.  We all are on a journey to find the best path to choose “the spiritual healer within”.  If you have a strong desire to learn this buildup of bio-energy at a professional level, then I invite you to visit the School of Chi Energy for a most unique adventure.