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The School of Chi Energy Method

The Chi Energy Method Bio-Energy Healing Program

Generate High Levels of Bio-Energy

 Enjoy Abundant Energy and Advanced Healing Abilities

The Bio-Energy Nerve Fiber Building Method Explained

Develop Optimal Levels of Bio-Energy

Students at the School of Chi Energy learn to Cultivate Chi Energy to the highest optimal levels using some of the best energy exercises ever developed. Most energy exercises taught in the traditional way rely on a person being able to build up their muscles, ligaments & tendons thru the use of breaths, sounds and standing postures, which in turn will lead that person to be able to create more of the chi (bio-photons) they are trying to build up. Our energy exercises are actually Specially Designed Bio-Energy Flow Patterns that are healing to the body and are easy enough to be performed by persons in any walk of life.

High Level Build Up of Good Feeling Bio-Energy

Students are taught to work right with their own body’s nerve fiber system performing energy exercises that directly interact with the nerve fibers them self. Most energy systems also rely on building up their blood circulatory system trying to get their body’s hormonal flow to be stronger thinking that this will led to more chi capacity. This often causes a person to go thru unwanted bad side effects, like headaches, muscle or organ pains and more; it can happen when too many hormones enter your body’s blood system too soon or as a result of heating up the inside of your body too much & for too long a time. Plus often times a person building up chi too fast in those ways can come across to others in an intense or aggressive manner.

We show a Student how to by-pass all these possible trouble areas that can cause a person problems, while they are trying to harness a lot of energy. Students will learn how they can go straight to building up their body’s chi energy capacity and how they will make substantial gains in a minimum amount of time. It is in the body’s nerve fiber system that the body puts off bio-energy or these bio-photons that people want to be able to cultivate in a big way.

How Bio-Energy is Measured in the Body

Elsewhere in the website we explain exactly what bio-photons are and how they are projected from the body thru your nervous system. We’ll show you how scientists can prove their existence thru the machines they have built to do so. See the Rhine Center Experiment conducted with one of our Instructors for more information on that process. It is thru this new way of cultivating chi energy in large amounts that is performed completely different than traditional styles teach their exercises, that we have discovered ways to form your chi into place. It is in learning this kind of forming your chi in place process that will lead Students to the higher levels possible with energy work.

   Harnessing the Flow of Bio-Energy

Nerve Fiber Building Radically Changes Everything…

Learn to be a Chi Builder of Electrical Magnetic Bio-Energy

Did you know your Body can produce more Bio-Energy than it has. Did you know the source of this Bio-Energy comes from your body’s own Nerve Fiber System. There are 45 miles of nerve fibers in the body from which to build more bioenergy to very high amounts.  Students are taught at the School of Chi Energy, how to buildup High Levels of Bio-Photonic emissions–for better Health, Abundant Energy and Advanced Healing Abilities.

Sifu Jones’ and Sifu Cicero describe how this Unique Bio-Energy Method is an electrical-magnetic cultivation process. Listen to the Sifus’ and find out how our students reach professional levels in Advanced Healing Abilities & Techniques by performing this specially designed Nerve Fiber Building Flow Pattern exercise.

Amplify Bio-Energy with Nerve Fiber Building

by Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero

Building Up Strong Good Feeling Energy

The Chi Energy Method teaches you how to Buildup Very High Levels of Bio-Energy to become a Chi Healer. First our students are taught how to become “Chi Builders” of Bio-Energy by performing our Nerve Fiber Building Flow Pattern.  You’ll learn how to practice an easy to perform flow pattern that builds up their entire nerve fiber system which increases your body’s cellular voltage, metabolic rate and circulatory system to prepare your body for the higher level chi exercises to reach the professional levels in Advanced Healing Abilities & Techniques

Reach the Higher Levels in Chi Healing Abilities

Did you know… high level energy work is not a superman thing.

The Chi Energy Method is an Electrical Circuit Building Process that requires ‘change’ in small increments to acquire large gains. Starting at the Nerve Fiber Building practice and advancing through SuperSet training, Chi Practitioners can reach a Vortex\Circuit Level where biophotons buildup to a high compression of layered formed circuitry around the entire body.

As you learn how buildup biophoton light into a specialized Bio-Form of tangible energy, you’ll enjoy better health, a clear mind, emotional stability and a lot of energy building up each day that you’ll learn to use in unique ways.  What you’ll discover as a student that it is our Tri-concept Formula that develops the Bio-Form into an incredible Buildup of Strong Good Feeling Energy that creates it’s Healing Power.

Building Bio-Energy in the First Year of the Chi Energy Method

by Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero

The Advantage of Building Amplified Bio-Energy

Develop your own Amplified Bio-Energy-Form with Tangible Boundaries

Our teaching method is different in that the ‘Bio-Energy that you Build Up’ is developed from your own Nerve Fiber System. You’ll learn how to cultivated an Amplified Good Feeling Bio-Energy that is uniquely formed and set apart from other energy fields. Since you learn to form bio-energy boundaries with the right attributes, it is easy for our Instructors to tangibly feel your Bio-Energy-Form. That is why your free or private session is held over the Phone or Skype through Four Years and longer, if desired.