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The Chi Energy Method

Health, Healing and Advanced Unique Abilities

The Chi Energy Method Nerve Fiber Building Practice

Students at the School of Chi Energy learn to Cultivate Chi Energy to the highest optimal levels using some of the best energy exercises ever developed. Most energy exercises taught in the traditional way rely on a person being able to build up their muscles, ligaments & tendons thru the use of breaths, sounds and standing postures, which in turn will lead that person to be able to create more of the chi (bio-photons) they are trying to build up. Our energy exercises are specially designed to be low aerobic impact, easy on the body and are easy enough to be performed by persons in any walk of life. Students are taught to work right with their own body’s nerve fiber system performing energy exercises that directly interact with the nerve fibers them self.

Most energy systems also rely on building up their blood circulatory system trying to get their body’s hormonal flow to be stronger thinking that this will led to more chi capacity. This often causes a person to go thru unwanted bad side effects, like headaches, muscle or organ pains and more; it can happen when too many hormones enter your body’s blood system too soon or as a result of heating up the inside of your body too much & for too long a time. Plus often times a person building up chi too fast in those ways can come across to others in an intense or aggressive manner. We show a Student how to by-pass all these possible trouble areas that can cause a person problems, while they are trying to harness a lot of energy. Students will learn how they can go straight to building up their body’s chi energy capacity and how they will make substantial gains in a minimum amount of time.

It is in the body’s nerve fiber system that the body puts off bio-energy or these bio-photons that people want to be able to cultivate in a big way. Elsewhere in the website we explain exactly what bio-photons are and how they are projected from the body thru your nervous system. We’ll show you how scientists can prove their existence thru the machines they have built to do so. See the Rhine Center Experiment conducted with one of our Instructors for more information on that process. It is thru this new way of cultivating chi energy in large amounts that is performed completely different than traditional styles teach their exercises, that we have discovered ways to form your chi into place. It is in learning this kind of forming your chi in place process that will lead Students to the higher levels possible with energy work.

The Nerve Fiber Building exercise Radically Changes everything…

Synapse(This picture represents the bioenergy or electrical synaptic activity between nerve fibers. Students will learn how to guide and build up their entire body’s nerve fiber system to project energy in a tangible circular form of biophotons.)

The Chi Energy Student learns that the Circular Chi Method is a type of electrical cultivation process to form biophotons in place. Listen and find out from this audio how our students reach the higher levels at advanced abilities and healing techniques by performing this specially designed Nerve Fiber Building chi energy exercise.

Chi Energy Nerver Fiber Building Cultivation

by Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero

BioEnergy Training Part One

Learn the difference in value of the Chi Energy Method versus other types of energy cultivation techniques.

BioEnergy Training Part Two

Listen to a series of questions from energy practitioners and those who have never experienced energy healing. The seminar covers information about Auras, Reiki, Qigong and Energy Healing questions that were asked of Sifu Jones.

BioEnergy Training Part Three

Find out how the Chi Energy Method train students to buildup “Powerful Circular Forms of BioEnergy”. As this buildup occurs, the student will experience increased energy levels, better health and a balanced hormonal flow which provides the foundation for the ability to perform advanced unique abilities.

BioEnergy Training Part Four

Listen to how the Chi Energy Form Training method goes beyond other energy modalities.  Learn how chi energy’s nerve fiber building exercises can increase the body’s nerve fiber system to project energy from the entire body.  The Chi Energy Method that teaches projection abilities “beyond” the bioenergy flow out the hands or eyes. Due to the increased levels of bioenergy projection, you’ll find out from Sifu Jones why the Chi Energy Method does not use breaths, sounds, colors nor standing postures in order to derive longer lasting healing power.