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Chi Energy Form Training is more Powerful than Chi Power Training

Sifu Jones Chi Energy Formed Chi Training Method is Quite Beyond the Chi Power Days…

My father and I created Scientific Premium Company – USA and the Chi Power Plus system back in 1980, which is now called Velocity Group Publishing. We had a mail order company back then and sold the Chi Power Charts & Acupressure Charts, which came with written instructions. We have posted a free download elsewhere on our website for anyone that would like a free copy of these charts. We developed a system that practiced projecting chi energy out of the body, using breaths, sounds and standing postures, but also doing things similar to a lot of the other qi gong methods, a person might learn. When my father passed away in 1993, I took over the company and joined forces with some other people.

Later, by 1997 we left the mail order business part of the operation, added some more information to the original package on the Chi Power Plus and started selling the material via the Internet. Also by then, we started selling a bunch of other books, explaining about different topics, but sticking with the prevalent thoughts of the day on how energy worked or the way we thought chi energy built up in the human body.

Bio-Energy, Science and the Body

Meanwhile, I continued to study the scientific and physiological effects of Cultivating Chi Energy in the body. Through teaching and practicum, I learned how building up Bio-Energy actually does affect your body. From the year 2000 on, the Quantum physics and the Medical fields have exploded with new information about how this chi energy or bio-energy really works. I learned a lot more about bio-energy or this stuff called “chi”. Bio-energy can be projected out of the body in the form of bio-photons or as a form of light. I learned how to increase the levels of bio-photon light and found how to they could be held in place with varying a cool tepid temperature; this resulted in a buildup of increasingly high amounts of Bio-Energy formed in place that had significant effects in Bio-Energy Healing.

Moving Forward with Significant Changes

My affiliation with Chi Power ended, when they would not utilize this new updated information; nor would they change the flaws being taught in the Chi Power system. Velocity Group Publishing and Chi Power has recently changed the way they advertise, so they match more of what we are saying in our school. We now know much better ways to cultivate large amounts of energy in a safer manner.

Velocity Group Publishing is still teaching my outdated old courses and mp3s instructing students how to build stronger chi. Even though it has been a number of years now, since I was affiliated with them or with any of their products, they still continue to use my name and old materials in an unauthorized manner on their different websites. The adage “caveat emptor” comes to mind when dealing with any of those old outdated and flawed materials.

The Desire to Teach What Works

In 2010, I started the School of Chi Energy partnering with Sifu Cicero and other Chi Instructors that I taught over the years. My desire was to bring out all the new information that has been recently discovered by the science & medical fields concerning bio-energy. Since most of this information just came out recently over the last decade, the majority of energy systems don’t incorporate any of this new information in with their methods.

Looking back when my father & I first coined the term “Chi Power” for our mail order company, we were looking at chi energy in the wrong way. We thought a person cultivated chi energy in more of this muscular superman kind of way, where you used standing postures, hard breaths & sounds as the best way to build it up. We now know it is an electrical process that is taking place in your body’s nervous system and you get much better results from simply guiding it around your body in a gentle way. Knowing both systems like I do now, I know the Chi Energy Training I do, is a much more powerful way to reach the higher levels in energy work.

Extremely High Levels of Bio-Energy

Since learning this information, our School of Chi Energy, can explain to students why they will get the side effects they do, while practicing different techniques they will learn in different systems. We can explain how a student’s practice can lead to either good side effects or to the bad ones. Students in the School learn much better ways to cultivate large amounts of energy without overloading their own body. Now we can teach you how to harness your Energy to extremely High Levels that lead the student to Advanced Bio-Energy Healing Abilities & Chi Techniques.

There are a number of systems that may show you how to do extreme abilities; however, the Chi Energy Method is the only one we know of that keeps you on the safe side with good feeling side effects all along the way. We teach a circular yin style chi method of energy cultivation that takes a student to the higher levels in energy work. Please listen to our free seminar mp3s from the School of Chi Energy, which will explain some of the problems students face while cultivating large amounts of energy in their body.

Sifu Jones
Chi Energy Instructor