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The Chi Energy Palm Test

Build a Chi Energy Ball

Tangibly Feel Your Own Bio-Energy
Right Now

In the School of Chi Energy, a new student that never felt any Electromagnetism between their palms can be a bit overwhelmed to believe they can build up their Entire Nerve Fiber System much stronger than normal.

Try out the School of Chi Energy Palm Test

Where you can physically feel the induction of pressure waves from your nerve fibers from palm to palm.

How to Build a Chi Energy Ball

The Beginning of Sensing the Nerve Fiber System’s Electrical Bioenergy. Release any tension from your Mind and Relax your Body. Place your attention into your left palm. Close and open your hand and try to feel the sensation of your palm & fingers. Do this next for your right palm. Then move the sensation from one palm to the other slowly back and forth going from palm to palm. You’ll start to feel each palm receive a bit of sensation.

Next, pause and try again after cooling your palms with cool water. Cooling the palms will help you to feel more sensation. Relax your Mind and Body and again go back and forth with each palm receiving the sensation from the other palm. Each time you try this type of palm test the sensation felt between the palms will become more physically denser. Let us know your results.

Please email our help desk with your results or questions.