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The School of Chi Energy Training

A Unique Bio-Energy Healing Method Online
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An Extraordinary Bioenergy Cultivation Process

As a Student at the School of Chi Energy, you’ll learn a very unique chi cultivation process; one that builds up large amounts of Bioenergy safely in the body. This energy comes in the form of bio-photons which allow our bodies to communicate with itself or others. Students are taught how to build up their entire body’s nervous system or the electrical part of their body.

When you become a Chi Builder of Electrical Bioenergy, you’ll find an extraordinary thing about these bio-photons. Bio-photons can be cooled, paused in space and filled with good feeling emotional content as they mass together in order to form electrical chains of energy. Discover how our Chi Energy Method can take you to a professional level in Bio-Energy Healing Abilities using Unique Chi Techniques.

The Best Type of Bio-Energy Student

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The First Year In Chi Training

Open the Door to Becoming a Chi Healer…

Discover how the buildup of biophotons are the ‘ingredients’ to achieving the Advanced levels in Bio-Energy Abilities and Techniques.

Find out the Science behind Why Biophotons Matter in Bio-Energy Healing.

The Mystery of Chi Energy is Solved...

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Who we are...

We are a Full Service Online Energy Healing School that provides videos, mp3s and pdfs, along with email and or phone Skype support from certified Instructors to help students reach the professional levels at energy work.

What you'll Learn and Practice...

The School of Chi Energy teaches students how to build ‘Chi-Energy-Forms’ for Healing and Health. These Bio-Energy-Forms are a buildup of biophotons in order for students to be able to perform advanced abilities and healing techniques.

The Chi Energy Method

If Chi is Real, is it possible to cultivate or raise ‘Chi’ to extremely high levels.

Could we increase Bio-Energy at the cellular level for Healing & Health that develops Advanced Chi Abilities.

Actually, there are those of us that have found a very unique Bio-Energy Method that answers those questions.

We call ourselves Chi Builders of Bio-Energy…