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The School of Chi Energy Training

A Unique Bio-Energy Healing Method Online
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Learn an Extraordinary Bioenergy Cultivation

Buildup Abundant Energy Levels that Increase your  Performance in Healing & Chi Abilities.  As a Student at the School of Chi Energy, you’ll experience a very unique chi cultivation process; one that builds up large amounts of Bioenergy to create Electrical Magnetic Energy Fields in Specialized Healing Geometric Forms.

It is when you learn how to build up your body’s entire electrical system, that you’ll find an extraordinary thing about these bio-photons. Bio-photons can be cooled, paused in space and filled with healing emotional content. In an easy to learn flow-pattern, you’ll be taught how to mass biophotons together and form these electrical chains into a Dense Physical Form of Healing Bio-Energy.

The Chi Energy Circular Method an Electrical Healing Process

The Chi Energy Circular Method

by Sifu Jones

The Chi Energy Method Experience

Discover how the buildup of Biophotons are the ‘ingredients’ to achieving the Advanced levels in Bio-Energy Abilities and Techniques.

How BioEnergy (Chi) is Measured in the Body

Chi Energy Instructor Sifu Cicero measures at Biophoton Emissions in the Ultraviolet Range

School of Chi Energy Student Training

We are a Full Service Four Year online Chi Energy School of Training. Students receive classes & instruction in video, audio and pdf lecture format. This includes Certified Instructor Training Feedback in email, phone or Skype support to help students reach the professional levels at energy work.

What you'll Learn and Practice...

The School of Chi Energy teaches students how to build up high levels of Bioenergy in Specialized Electrical Magnetic Biophoton Forms. Students build up these Tangible Forms of Bio-Energy in order to be able to perform Advanced Healing and Unique Chi Abilities that effect Space & Time at the Vortex\Circuit level.