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The School of Chi Energy Training

A Unique Bio-Energy Healing Method Online Learn More About our Chi Energy Training Program

An Extraordinary Bioenergy Cultivation Process

As a Student at the School of Chi Energy, you’ll learn the greatest chi cultivation process ever developed; one that builds up large amounts of chi energy safely in the body. This energy comes in the form of bio-photons which allow our bodies to communicate with itself or others. Students learn how to build up their body’s nervous system or the electrical part of their body. By building up the nerve fibers of the body, they start helping their body to emit more bio-photons than normal.

The extraordinary thing about these bio-photons are their capabilities. Bio-photons can be cooled, paused in space, filled with emotional content and they mass together in order to form electrical chains of energy. We show students how to by-pass the hormonal build up way in lieu of this much better & stronger way to cultivate energy using the electrical system of the body. Discover how our Bio-Energy Healing Method increases your Energy Levels for Health and Unique Abilities.

The Best Type of Bio-Energy Student

Try out the Chi Energy Palm Test

Check out this short video that teaches a person how to tune into what their own energy feels like…

The First Year In Chi Training

Learn how the buildup of biophotons are the ‘ingredients’ to achieving the advanced levels

Find out the Science behind Why Biophotons Matter in Energy Healing

Listen to Sifu Jones explain the Chi Energy Flow Pattern and it’s Electrical Nature

The Mystery of Chi Energy is Solved...

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Who we are...

We are a Full Service Online Energy Healing School that provides videos, mp3s and pdfs, along with email and or phone Skype support from certified Instructors to help students reach the professional levels at energy work.

What you'll Learn and Practice...

The School of Chi Energy Heals online training teaches students how to build “Chi Energy Forms”. These Chi Energy Healing Forms are builtup and cultivated from their body’s biophotons in order for students to be able to perform advanced abilities and extraordinary healing techniques.

The Chi Energy Method & The Spirit Being

There are those of us who are explorers seeking a tangible truth of the supernatural and the reality of a living God. We seek if it is possible that the supernatural exists within and around us. Could we be a spiritual being in a physical existence asleep to our own self. If so, could our awakened spirit being self influence the human mind and increase the body’s health and performance. To find out how Bio-Energy Buildup can help you reach more of the spirit being, please read on.