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The Mystery of Chi Energy has been Solved. For years Chi Energy has had this mysterious unknown factor surrounding it. The Chinese people call it a life force energy that makes up everything around us. Others have called it by many different names, like Prana, Ki, Qi or various other names, but never really explaining its essence well enough; so often it’s talked about in meta-physical ways that are ambiguous and less than scientific in nature.

Now, thru enough scientific research, we understand this chi energy we are talking about is really the bio-energy that our bodies naturally emit. This bio-energy comes out in the form of bio-photons or a type of light with an electrical magnetic component to it. Virtually, all living creatures put off these biophotons for communication and other purposes. Click green button for rest of article.

What is Chi Energy – The Mystery Solved

The Greatest Chi Cultivation Process Ever 

We are a Full Service Online Energy Healing School that provides videos, mp3s and pdfs, along with email and\or phone\Skype support from certified Instructors to help students reach the professional levels at energy work.

A Student’s First Year of School
In the First year of School, Chi Energy Students learn energy exercises that cultivate high levels of bioenergy in their body’s nervous system. The chi energy low aerobic impact exercises show students how to energize their body in ways physical exercises can not duplicate.  Students will become practitioners of an advanced method of bioenergy healing using a chi form made from biophotons.  The Student’s First Energy Exercise is called the Nerve Fiber Building Exercise. This exercise helps to enlarge and elongate the body’s nerve fibers naturally, which allow the student to project much more biophotons then normal.  Click the green button above on what else a student will learn during this first year of training. 

In the Second year of School, Student Practitioners learn how to build  higher levels of bioenergy with even more powerful specialized energy forms. Included in the second year is Advanced 202 Bioenergy Healing Techniques, that teach students specific areas in the body to use their bio-energy forms when healing a variety of situations. Also provided are pivotal classes in bioenergy concepts such as Advanced Body Breathing and Time Distortion.  In year two, the Student Practitioner will learn a greater degree of emotional stability by utilizing the Tri-concept. The Tri-concept is using an energy form with a good feeling and a cool temperature, which brings about an increased emotional stability. 

In the Third year of School, the Chi Student will be completing the requirements to become a Certified Chi Instructor. The School of Chi Energy has put together an extensive program which will show a student what is possible and what is not in high level energy work. Ultimately, students learn how to guide & use their own bioenergy form to perform at least one or more advanced abilities that we list in our School’s Course Catalog such as: telekinesis, remote viewing, disappearing techniques, astral travel and out of body experiences. Each extreme or advanced abilities we list will be discussed in specific detail. Scientifically, we will train our students how each special effect is achieved using an easy to follow step by step method. 
Chi Energy Form Training Method

The School of Chi Energy teaches Students how to build “Chi Energy Forms” with their body’s biophotons in order for those Students to be able to perform advanced abilities and healing techniques.

Our School’s website and training blogs are upgraded and updated at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure our seminar mp3s and videos can be safely downloaded; however, we have also embedded our seminar mp3s and videos, so you can listen and view them online without having to download each one.  Please use our contact box for questions you have or write us at  We provide easy access to School classes from your mobile tablets or smart phones.  Our school has been set up so that a person with a goal in mind to reach the professional levels, can achieve that goal.