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School of Chi Energy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Training Like for the Chi Energy Student?

Students who enroll in the School of Chi Energy immediately receive online access to their first month of classes. Starting with Year One classes you’ll learn and practice how to build up the electrical part of your entire nerve fiber system. These progressive monthly classes instruct you how perform the energy exercises in a repetitive easy pattern that stimulates body’s nerve fiber system which fires off biophotons. It is these biophotons which are an electrical magnetic type of light particle that can be molded overtime into tangible “Energy Forms” for advanced abilities and healing techniques.  The Chi Energy Course Curriculum

Students first start to Form Chi and Cultivate specialized “Chi Energy Forms” through performing the Nerve Fiber Building Energy Exercise. The Nerve Fiber Building Energy Exercise elongates and enlarges the practitioner’s nerve fibers and strengthens their over all nervous system. As your body’s nervous system gets stronger, the nerve fibers are able to emit and project much more chi energy or biophotons.

You’ll learn in an easy step by step way thru each month of classes. Students perform their daily chi energy exercises while learning from class demonstrations and lectures. As students advance in their chi energy cultivation, they’ll learn how this method is an electrical process and what to expect on a monthly basis.  Online Curriculum With Abilities & Benefits in Brief

These monthly classes contain training videos, audio lectures with instructional documents in mp4, mp3, pdf & jpg formats. Each student can access their classes anytime to listen or watch online and download their classes which are enabled for a mobile tablet or smart phone user. We are an Interactive Instructor Training School where enrollment includes monthly Instructor support by email, up to three free Instructor sessions per year along with a end of year review for the open book test via phone or Skype.

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Who Developed the Chi Energy Form Training Healing Method?

Sifu Rob Jones is the creator behind the online School of Chi Energy Method. This is an underground Internal Martial Arts practice re-engineered into a Unique Healing Method by Sifu Jones & Family since the 80’s.

This is a Unique Method that teaches how to be aware of Body Temperature when Cultivating Chi… We Teach Students how to Cultivate & Adapt to the Buildup of Charged Bio-electromagnetic Compression into Formed Healing Chi with our signature cooling process called the Tri-concept.  This includes our Chi Meditations that are also a part of the Temperature Conversion Process.

The nerve fiber building process was designed so each chi energy student will cultivate a physical and tangible way to tune into an energy built up into “Form”. Our Chi Cultivation Method teaches the practitioner how to ‘Build up and Compress’ BioEnergy from raw bioenergy into Circular Formed Chi. By teaching students how to project and guide an energy form with temperature and euphoric currents, the chi energy student will be able to cultivate larger amounts of energy in a safe manner.

Active Online Training – Learn More about Sifu Jones the Founder and Developer of the Chi Energy Method

Are there Contraindications of Practicing the Chi Energy Method & Other Energy Methods?

What is the Danger of Mixing Energy Methods the Chi Energy Building Method

Please call (919) 771-7800 or email us chienergyheals@gmail.com to find out about your other Energy Methods or Exercises that you have in Question.

The Contraindication of Combining Energy Healing Methods with an Electromagetic Bio-Energy Cultivation Healing Method. Find out from Sifu Jones, how the Chi Energy Electrical Buildup can be a Double Edge Sword with other Energy Cultivation Practices.

Please Click this Link ‘the Danger of Mixing Energy Methods‘ by Sifu Jones

Why are there no photos of Sifu Jones?

Questions from New Students or the Public –
They Ask ‘Why are there no pictures of Sifu Jones’…

It certainly does not makes sense to the public since most believe everyone should have a public profile picture on a web site or Social Media… and it certainly doesn’t make sense to social media and internet marketers for there is no way to increase sales.

Sifu Jones is Chi Sensitive and an Electrical Magnetic Bio-Photon Man who is of Flesh and he is of Spirit. He does not put on a show for he wants you to shine. And he knows this Chi Method is an Electrical Process that requires the Lowering of Mind Thought Intensity verses a muscular mind.

Now, of course He is Very Accessible to All our Chi Students for Private Sessions or Pre-Enrollment Clients via Skype Video.

We teach the Real Thing for the Right Reasons… To arrange a Pre-Enrollment Skype Video Talk with Sifu Jones.

What is Difference between the School Chi Energy Cultivation Healing Method from Other Energy Methods?

The School of Chi Energy is different in many ways. One of the differences is how our school goes over and explains what is happening to your actual physical body when you cultivate chi energy or bioenergy. Other methods tend to bring things like that up in a metaphysical way; whereas we explain scientifically and medically what is happening to your body.

Students learn thru practical application that “Chi Energy” behaves similar to electricity with a magnetic component. Students learn to perform energy exercises that help build up their entire body’s nerve fiber system using ever increasing levels of energy. Cultivating large amounts of energy may lead to overloads in their body’s nervous system; therefore, we teach students to build up energy in moderate amounts each day, helping them to avoid bad side effects. Students are able to create usable chi energy forms by practicing the energy exercises on a regular basis.

Another difference with our energy method is that the student is taught to build up the energy using a cool temperature transfer; whereas other methods do not use any type of temperature control when cultivating chi. Our cultivation energy method uses a technique called the Tri-concept. The Chi Energy Student learns the Tri-concept Method in Chi Energy Cultivation to avoid overloads while building up their body’s nerve fibers by using a cool temperature and good feeling transfer. It is the Tri-concept method that has the key ingredients to allow students to be able to reach the advanced ability levels in a safe manner. This is why Chi Energy Students are able to perform energy exercises that lead to practical applications in their first year of training.

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What type of Instructor Support does a Chi Student have during training at the School of Chi Energy?

The School of Chi Energy provides students with tuition included email training support for each month of their training. Sifus and Instructors encourage each student to provide monthly feedback and other questions that they may have during each month of training. Also included, are three free chi energy private phone or Skype sessions per year for the chi energy student. Please visit this link Private Training Options to learn more. Plus, you can call (919) 771-7800 or email us at the Chi Energy Support desk chienergyheals@gmail.com to talk with an instructor about these options.

What is the Student's Basic Tuition Cost and Options?

Students can enroll for monthly classes with the reoccurring tuition payment option during the first year at $97.00 per month. This is a month by month high level training curriculum with interactive support from Chi Energy Sifus and Instructors.

Learn More about Tuition Enrollment and Options

Do you have an accelerated path for Chi Energy Training?

Learn More about Tuition Enrollment and Options

Chi Energy Accelerated 3 Month Course tuition option.

Your First Year tuition is $355.00 in three monthly payments.Every month for three months, you’ll receive four months of Chi Energy training classes. By paying your tuition in three easy monthly payments of $355.00 (355 x 3 = $1,065), you’ll receive four months of Chi Energy classes every month. In your 3rd month, you’ll have access to all twelve monthly Year One classes. This is a $97.00 savings off the regular price of $1164.00 equal to one free month of classes. Students can access and download their monthly classes with enjoying Instructor email/phone support during their three months of training.

Chi Energy Accelerated 12 Week Course tuition option.

Your First Year tuition is $81.25 in twelve weekly payments.Every week for twelve weeks, you’ll receive a new month of Chi Energy monthly training classes. By paying your tuition in twelve easy weekly payments of $81.25 (81.25 x 12 = $975.00), you’ll receive one month of Chi Energy classes every 7 days. In your 12th week, you’ll have access to all twelve monthly Year One classes. This is a $189.00 savings off the regular price of $1164.00. Students can access and download their monthly classes while enjoying Instructor email/phone support during their twelve weeks of training.

Chi Energy Year One of all twelve months of class access for this prepay tuition option.

This Chi Energy Year One Training enrollment option is a one time payment of $970.00.By paying a one time tuition payment of $970.00 you’ll receive all twelve months of Year One Chi Energy Training classes. This is a $194.00 saving off the regular price of $1164.00 equal to two free months. Students can access and download their 12 months of classes at their leisure with Instructor email/phone support for up to one year.

What is the Best Way to Contact the School about Chi Energy Training?
Please call our Chi Energy School’s admission number (919) 771-7800. If we are not available, please leave us a message and a good day and time for us to reach you. If you Connect with Us via email or Skype for more information, we will get back to you within 24 hours.
How do I Keep in Touch with the School of Chi Energy for News & Updates?

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