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The Danger of Mixing Energy Cultivation Methods

Danger of Mixing Energy Methods

What is the Danger of Mixing Energy Methods the Chi Energy Building Method

The Danger of Combining Energy Healing Methods with an Electrical Cultivation Buildup Healing Method. Find out from Sifu Jones how the Chi Energy Electrical Buildup can be a Double Edge Sword with other Energy Cultivation Practices.

  • Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero from The School of Chi Energy discuss the reason why it isn’t a good idea to mix energy methods while building the body’s nerve fiber system.
  • Learn why using linear energy with breaths, sounds or standing postures aren’t the best way available to cultivate energy in large amounts.
  • Listen to how the traditional way of building up your body’s blood circulation, using breaths, sounds and postures is compared\contrasted to building up the body’s electrical or nervous system using the Nerve Fiber Building exercise.

An Electrical Cultivation Method and the Danger of Combining Energy Methods

by Sifu Jones