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The School of Chi Energy Third Year Curriculum

The School of Chi Energy Third Year Curriculum

In the Third year of School, the Chi Student will be completing the requirements to become a Certified Chi Instructor. The School of Chi Energy has put together an extensive program which will show a student what is possible and what is not in high level energy work. Ultimately, students learn how to guide & use their own bioenergy form to perform at least one or more advanced abilities that we list in our School’s Course Catalog such as: telekinesis, remote viewing, disappearing techniques, astral travel and out of body experiences. Each extreme or advanced abilities we list will be discussed in specific detail. Scientifically, we will train our students how each special effect is achieved using an easy to follow step by step method.

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Click the links below for Year Three Course Subjects

Year Three - Month One Class Subjects
  • Video 301: The Advanced Supersets “C” Energy Form Exercise
  • MP3 302: The Advanced Supersets “C” Energy Form Training
  • PDF: Temperature Device Training for Year Three
  • PDF: SuperSets “C” Energy Form Exercise Instructions
  • JPG: Advanced SuperSet “C” Training Device
Year Three - Month Two Class Subjects
  • MP3 303: Quantum Physics and Science behind Chi Energy Patterns
  • MP3 304: The Attributes of Heavy Chi Energy Form Training
  • MP3 305: Chi Energy Form Training Devices
Year Three - Month Three Class Subjects
  • Video 306: The Advanced Supersets “O” Energy Form Exercise
  • MP3 307: The Advanced Supersets “O” Energy Form Training
  • MP3 308: The Vortex Energy Pattern
  • PDF: Vortexes & Vortices Training
Year Three - Month Four Class Subjects
  • MP3 Chi Energy Techniques used in Practical Ways
  • MP3 309: Advanced Telekinesis 303 lecture
  • MP3 310: Interview of a Instructor’s Vortex Experience
  • PDF: Advanced Hypnotic Device Training
Year Three - Month Five Class Subjects
  • Video 311: Tone of Voice Chi Training
  • MP3 312: Sound and Chi Energy Forms
  • MP3 313: Sound and Healing Forms
  • PDF: Sound Waves Training
Year Three - Month Six Class Subjects
  • Video 314: Chi Energy Year Three Healing Techniques: Part One
  • Video 315: Chi Energy Year Three Healing Techniques: Part Two
  • MP3 318: Chi Energy Distance Healing Lecture
  • MP3 319: Advanced Healing Interview: Justin
  • PDF: Distance Healing Instructions
Year Three - Month Seven Class Subjects
  • MP3 320: Levitation 202 lecture
  • MP3 321: Advanced Chi Energy Vortex Training
  • MP3 322: The Levitation Interview with Sifu Cicero
  • PDF: BodyMaps, Levitation 202 and Advanced Vortex Training
Year Three - Month Eight Class Subjects
  • MP3 323: Building and using Chi Energy Bridges
  • MP3 324: Advanced SuperSet Energy Form Variations: Part Two
  • MP3 325: Electricity, Magnetism and Bioenergy
Year Three - Month Nine Class Subjects
  • Video 326: Building and using the Chi Energy Chamber
  • MP3 327: The Chi Energy Chamber 101 Lecture
  • MP3 328: Selective Hearing with Chi Energy :Part One and Two
  • PDF: Chi Chamber Material and Assemble Document
Year Three - Month Ten Class Subjects
  • Video 329: Chi Joint Comforters Exercise
  • MP3 330: Using Advanced Colors with Chi Energy
  • MP3 331: Heavy Hypnotic Phrases and Chi
  • MP3 332: Chi Joint Comforters
Year Three - Month Eleven Class Subjects
  • MP3 333: Triangulation and Chi Energy
  • MP3 334: Compressing Chi verses Layering Chi
  • PDF: Triangulation and Chi Energy
Year Three - Month Twelve Class Subjects
  • Video 335: Yang Energy Break
  • Video 336: Yin Energy Break
  • MP3 337: Using Chi Energy for Self Defense: Dim Mak Training
  • MP3 338: Instructor Certification in Advanced Abilities and Concepts
  • MP3 339: Instructor Forum “The Chi Here After”
  • PDF: Chi Energy Training Devices
  • PDF: Year Three Instructor Certification Requirements
  • PDF: Year Three Instructor Certificate