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Chi Energy Training – Instructor Year Three Curriculum

The School of Chi Energy Third Year Curriculum

In the Third year of School, the Chi Student will be completing the requirements to become a Certified Chi Energy Instructor. The School of Chi Energy has put together an extensive program which will teach, train and guide the student into tangible Formed Chi Professional Bio-Energy Healing and Abilities Performance.

Chi Energy Year three in Brief

Chi Energy Instructor Abilities & Benefits

  • The Ability to perform Chi Energy Form Segmentation Buildup of Heavy Chi changing the Attributes of Magnetic Electrical Energy.
  • The Ability to use Tone of Voice with the Tri-concept transfers with a low level of intenstiy into all Chi Formed Energy Practices.
  • Benefit: To use Tone of Voice in Circular Forms to perform Advanced Healing & Other Win-Win Relationship Applications.
  • The Ability to become Expanded or Contracted within an Electrical Magnetic Ion Flux of Healing Bio-Energy Circular Formed Chi while positioned in the Energy Form’s Framework from the Inside-Out.
  • The Benefit to become merged with our Chi Forms using Tones & Thoughts for a Healthy Body and Right Mind.  Using our Chi Devices to Amplify more Circularity of Curvature in Formed Chi Practice.
  • Benefit: Amplifying Thought and Word in Chi Form. Bringing ideas and thoughts to faster fruition using the Tri-concept to accelerate an accurate delivery.
  • The Ability & Benefit to have an Heightened Astral Sensory Awareness in our Tangible Chi Forms for Healing & Chi Technique purposes.
  • The Benefit to have the Best Benefit of being in a Closer Relationship with God Tangibly in our Chi Forms.

Detailed Year Three Course Topics Below or Click this Link for Class Descriptions

Year Three - Month One Class Subjects
  • Video 301: The Advanced Supersets “C” Energy Form Exercise
  • MP3 302: The Advanced Supersets “C” Energy Form Training
  • PDF: Temperature Device Training for Year Three
  • PDF: SuperSets “C” Energy Form Exercise Instructions
  • JPG: Advanced SuperSet “C” Training Device
Year Three - Month Two Class Subjects
  • MP3 303: Quantum Physics and Science behind Chi Energy Patterns
  • MP3 304: The Attributes of Heavy Chi Energy Form Training
  • MP3 305: Chi Energy Form Training Devices
Year Three - Month Three Class Subjects
  • Video 306: The Advanced Supersets “O” Energy Form Exercise
  • MP3 307: The Advanced Supersets “O” Energy Form Training
  • MP3 308: The Vortex Energy Pattern
  • PDF: Vortexes & Vortices Training
Year Three - Month Four Class Subjects
  • MP3 Chi Energy Techniques used in Practical Ways
  • MP3 309: Advanced Telekinesis 303 lecture
  • MP3 310: Interview of a Instructor’s Vortex Experience
  • PDF: Advanced Hypnotic Device Training
Year Three - Month Five Class Subjects
  • Video 311: Tone of Voice Chi Training
  • MP3 312: Sound and Chi Energy Forms
  • MP3 313: Sound and Healing Forms
  • PDF: Sound Waves Training
Year Three - Month Six Class Subjects
  • Video 314: Chi Energy Year Three Healing Techniques: Part One
  • Video 315: Chi Energy Year Three Healing Techniques: Part Two
  • MP3 318: Chi Energy Distance Healing Lecture
  • MP3 319: Advanced Healing Interview: Justin
  • PDF: Distance Healing Instructions
Year Three - Month Seven Class Subjects
  • MP3 320: Levitation 202 lecture
  • MP3 321: Advanced Chi Energy Vortex Training
  • MP3 322: The Levitation Interview with Sifu Cicero
  • PDF: BodyMaps, Levitation 202 and Advanced Vortex Training
Year Three - Month Eight Class Subjects
  • MP3 323: Building and using Chi Energy Bridges
  • MP3 324: Advanced SuperSet Energy Form Variations: Part Two
  • MP3 325: Electricity, Magnetism and Bioenergy
Year Three - Month Nine Class Subjects
  • Video 326: Building and using the Chi Energy Chamber
  • MP3 327: The Chi Energy Chamber 101 Lecture
  • MP3 328: Selective Hearing with Chi Energy :Part One and Two
  • PDF: Chi Chamber Material and Assemble Document
Year Three - Month Ten Class Subjects
  • Video 329: Chi Joint Comforters Exercise
  • MP3 330: Using Advanced Colors with Chi Energy
  • MP3 331: Heavy Hypnotic Phrases and Chi
  • MP3 332: Chi Joint Comforters
Year Three - Month Eleven Class Subjects
  • MP3 333: Triangulation and Chi Energy
  • MP3 334: Compressing Chi verses Layering Chi
  • PDF: Triangulation and Chi Energy
Year Three - Month Twelve Class Subjects
  • Video 335: Yang Energy Break
  • Video 336: Yin Energy Break
  • MP3 337: Using Chi Energy for Self Defense: Dim Mak Training
  • MP3 338: Instructor Certification in Advanced Abilities and Concepts
  • MP3 339: Instructor Forum “The Chi Here After”
  • PDF: Chi Energy Training Devices
  • PDF: Year Three Instructor Certification Requirements
  • PDF: Year Three Instructor Certificate