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Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

The School of Chi Energy Guarantee and Enrollment Regulations

Students Enrolled in Year One:

With the School of Chi Energy Guarantee students may try our services and have a complete money back 30 day guarantee to see if this bio-energy method will work for them.

“If after the first 30 days of school access, the student isn’t convinced on how well we can instruct them in reaching a higher level in energy work, we will refund their current month’s tuition payment. This refund offer applies only to Year One students.”

This refund does not apply to students in Year Two, Year Three or Year Four of Chi Energy Training. This refund does not apply to the Accelerated 12 week Chi Energy tuition programs (this includes the Accelerated Three Month and Year One Programs). Please contact the School of Chi Energy Instructors for the policy concerning any of the year one accelerated programs.

Students are able to cancel their own PayPal School tuition subscription payments at anytime with PayPal without having to contact the School first (no questions asked).

Students that experience the professional value being offered by the School, need only to continue their reoccurring monthly tuition payments in order to stay in School. Please contact us at our Chi Energy Support Desk to talk with us about enrollment and training or call us direct at (919) 771-7800.

Students Enrolled in Year Two, Year Three and Year Four

The School of Chi Energy reserves the right to remove any student, whom is not using the information provided by our school in what a School Instructor would consider a responsible manner.  Due to the proprietary nature of the topics being taught, students will not be entitled to receive any refunds of tuition during the second, third and fourth years of Chi Energy Training.