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A Student’s First Year and Course Catalog

The School of Chi Energy
Student Classes and Course Catalog


School of Chi Energy Online Classes

  • With over 70 years of combined experience, Sifu Jones discuss what it takes to reach the optimal levels in Bio-Energy Training.
  • Learn how a precision in performance and temperature control are the ‘ingredients’ to achieving the advanced levels.
  • Listen to the best way to perform your Bio-Energy practice with easy to learn chi exercises that trains you how to stay in a relaxed state.

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Sifu Jones talks about a Chi Energy Students' Training Path

by Sifu Jones

The Chi Energy Method Building Bio-Energy to a Professional Level

The School of Chi Energy provides training and instruction for advanced abilities and healing techniques to those interested in reaching the ability to perform Bio-Energy work at a professional level. Students learn to build their energy to high levels through a process called the Nerve Fiber Building energy exercise.