Chi Energy Training Enrolled Students:

A Student’s First Year and Course Catalog

chienergyhealsA Chi Energy Student’s First Year and Course Catalog

Going from Yang to Yin

into a Relaxed Wakeful State


  • With over 70 years of combined experience, Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero discuss what it takes to reach the optimal levels in Bioenergy Training.
  • Learn how a precision in performance and temperature control are the ‘ingredients’ to achieving the advanced levels.
  • Listen to the best way to perform your Bioenergy practice with easy to learn chi exercises that trains you how to stay in a relaxed state.


A Chi Energy Student’s First Year of Training seminar

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The School of Chi Energy Course Curriculum Catalog

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Chi Energy Training Course Curriculum Book

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Certified Chi Energy Practitioner

Certified Advanced Chi Energy Practitioner

Certified Chi Energy Instructor

Certified Advanced Chi Energy Instructor

The School of Chi Energy provides training and instruction for advanced abilities and healing techniques to those interested in reaching the ability to perform energy work at a professional level. Students learn to build their energy to high levels through a process called the Nerve Fiber Building energy exercise.  To learn more about cultivating energy to high levels, please visit our: The Chi Energy Method page.