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Chi Healer Abilities Testimonials Written


Chi Energy Healer Student Abilities Written Testimonials

A Chi Energy First Year Student

Now that I’m finishing my first year with the School of Chi Energy before starting in Year Two, I wanted to document and share a few of the changes and side effects (besides the new abilities I’ve gained) I’ve seen in myself since before starting the school.

No more migraines!

Before starting the school, I had migraines every other day. I always carried migraine pills in my bag because they happened so often. I got to a point where I just learned to live with them because I thought they were there to stay. After probably a month in being in the school, I noticed the migraines starting to come less often. Eventually it got to a point where they would only come once every few months! This is a huge miracle I’ve noticed and am very grateful for.

Fewer arguments with my spouse

Before joining the school, I participated in a few energy groups where we practiced and learned different techniques on each other. Even though I was a part of different groups, the message was always the same. They said that feeling the heat was good and the hotter – the better. On top of that, a strong message that was given was that after each session, we were to expect lots of emotional ups and downs and arguments  because that’s only the body “cleansing itself” which is supposed to be normal after energy work. But I noticed after weeks and weeks, that the hormonal issues never lessened. I then began to ask myself “at which point will this “cleansing” period stop happening and I’d finally feel peace"! It never did, until I learned through this school that it wasn’t a “Cleansing” process at all that I was experiencing and was actually a destructive effect of the heated linear forms that I was using!

I’m in a good mood most of the day

Prior to joining this school, I was in a bad mood and stressed about 90% or more of the day. Even though I spent time with spiritual people and loved spirituality, it was very unusual for me to be in a good mood – I was just usually so tense and stressed. Being tense and stressed was so normal to me, that I didn’t even realize the damage it was doing to my body. My daughter was even born 3 month premature due only to the stress I was having. Through practicing the techniques of this school on a continual basis – I have slowly gotten out of the habit of being in a constant bad mood, to thinking it’s only normal to be in a relaxed, cool, and good mood.

I take responsibility for how I feel and don’t blame others

Before joining this school, without realizing it, I strongly believed that if I was in a bad mood, it was someone else’s fault. Or if something bad happened to me, it was my husband or friend’s duty to console me and make me feel better-and if they didn’t, I’d get upset. I believed I was either upset because they put me in a bad mood or they didn’t do something to take me out of it when it was there duty. Now I understand that it’s always my own duty to make myself feel the way I want-and this duty is a big part of my energy training and especially more important if I expect my training to continue

I’m able to handle energy vampires

Prior to joining this school, I used to avoid people who were overly dramatic because I was too easily affected by them. Now, I feel like I’m not only able to keep my cool when I talk to them but that I’m able to make them calm down

I’m able to keep my cool even when something upsetting happens

I’ve noticed that things don’t seem to stress me out as much. Nothing seems important enough to get me out of my cool and euphoric state anymore. This is definitely still a work in progress, but I have noticed and have had many experiences recently that would’ve given me a breakdown in the past that just now doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore. I can deal with a lot more and that’s amazing. Also, when someone says something that sometimes upsets my body, I am easily able to keep my body from getting offended! Before, this was impossibility.

There are many more changes I’ve noticed, but these are the changes that make me feel I’ve become a different person – for the better.  In many schools, The expectation is usually to memorize information and learn specific techniques. But what makes this school different is that in order to succeed, you must invite a change to your very reality and much more challenging, a change in the way you react to the world. Learning facts and techniques is easy, but teaching your body to react to hard situations in a cool and relaxed way, when you're used to flying off the handle is not. And that is what I feel I have accomplished the most in this school.

Newly enrolled student in Chi Energy has healing results.

I had to take a moment to contact you to relay my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to enroll as a student of the Chi Energy Healing method.  This is my third day of practicing the technique of Nerve Fiber Building & watching the instructional videos, as well as listening to the MP3 materials.

I've experienced a wonderful change in my emotional state. I feel so calm, with a sense of such bliss!  Also, I'm amazed by the depth & quality of sleep I've achieved over the past two nights. These are two profound benefits & I'm happily, but patiently looking forward to subsequent revelations & experiences. I'm keeping a journal, briefly documenting what each day brings, so I'll have a record of progress.

I'm absolutely thrilled I discovered your website ~ thank you so much for making this knowledge available, especially in an online format. Consider me a lifetime disciple!

Chi Energy Student Brenda
Greatest gift in the world of feeling my spirit for the first time.

Hello Sifu Cicero,

Thank you so very much again for your time and instruction during last night's training call. I appreciate you 'yinning' me back once again, so very much!, and will continue to try to be more aware of those fluctuations within my body. You gave me the greatest gift as I could really, truly feel my spirit within my body, and I just don't have words to express my appreciation and gratitude to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I feel wonderful today and the Nerve Fiber Building exercise this morning felt great; it was as if a weight was lifted by not baring down on the form so much, and projecting the light and cool energy more. I really could feel a difference throughout, but I do need to keep working on not letting my mind wander.

Thank you so very much for everything, and truly, for giving me the greatest gift in the world of feeling my spirit for the first time.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Joy's response, who is our Year Two Chi Energy Student, to Karen's testimonial This is so accurate. During my last private chi session with Sifu Cicero (a few days ago), I swear, I always have the best time talking to her over the phone. The feeling of joy and peace always lingers after getting off the phone, especially when I think of her or those moments.

When I need my spirits lifted, I go back to the moment where I hear her calming voice over the phone, just like a mother who loves you. I am very grateful as well. This is true for all the sifus I've communicated with within the school.

Thanks Sifus.

Year One Student: A Cool Temperature Transfer takes Finesse

Hello Sifus, 

I have been noticing some things while doing the training and afterwards. There were a few experiences that I wanted to do a little more experimenting with before contacting you. Anyway, a few weeks ago while at work, I mentally did the Nerve Fiber Building and then mentally did the circles. At the time, I felt what seemed to be a cool breeze flowing around me as I did the circles and everyone around me got in a great mood, even people whom were very angry just a short while earlier.

Since then, I have been doing a little experimenting at home. At home I have been using the temp gun for verification that I am staying cool in the proper temp range. I usually stay in the middle of the range and seldom have to recalibrate once I start, even though I keep checking multiple times during the exercises.

I have noticed personally, that if I do the meditation first, then do the Nerve Fiber Building, circles, and other 2 ~ 5 minute exercises I have a much greater success rate. I have been pretty successful so far anyway; it just seems I have more of an edge when I do the meditation first. I am really enjoying all the exercises and training and seeing positive results as a side benefit throughout the rest of my life!

The last few days, I have noticed that I now feel a constant energy field around me at all times. It ramps up when I do the training and I feel great afterwards. Also, while doing the Fast Nerve Fiber Building, if I focus on the hand guiding the cotton ball energy I could actually feel the coolness of it in my hands and in my body as I guide it. I could even feel it changing from one hand to the other.

While doing the circles, I started to feel the energy of my clothes and skin, as well as the floor and chair I was sitting in. Also, if I bring the cotton ball energy up or down while doing the circles, I can feel the coolness and energy move up and down. I have found the cool breeze that I thought that I felt was actually the coolness of the cotton ball energy moving around.

I don't currently have any small containers to sense objects through, but I have started just going through the house after doing the other exercises trying to feel the energy of different objects with my eyes shut and am noticing how different things feel energetically! Also, while doing the telekinesis exercise with the straw, I decided one day to try and move it back and forth from the middle where it is tied instead of just moving one end around and I did it! I made it move back and forth from about 10 feet across the room at the center of the straw where it is tied.

Always after I do my training, when I come back upstairs my dogs meet me and won't leave me alone until I give them some attention, they are very happy. My wife also gets a big smile on her face and asks me why I am so happy for, and I can feel her energy getting more happy and uplifted. I notice the same in my daughter too!

Thank you for making this training and information available! It is fun to do and has so many positive effects on my life and the lives of the people around me!

Greg Richardson
Testimonial by a Chi Energy Year Two Student 

I went through the 30 day Chi Energy Training Program in year one. When I first started, it wasn’t the easiest stuff to think about because it was a new one of kind concept I have never heard about “an Energy Form that feels good and cool”, so it took me a while to tune into the tri-concept, and transfer those qualities into the energy form and guide it through my entire body.

It was a new paradigm, a new mindset about this bioenergy that our body generates, compared to other schools I went through, where I used breath and heat and pushing energy in linear straight lines, to very sensitive places in the body, using colors and sounds and symbols, so It took me a while to undo the old programming in my mind, so I could think right about Bioenergy.  “Well Begun is half done”, and at my school the only way to begin right is to have the right mindset about “chi”. Through the private sessions with Sifu Cicero and listening to the lectures of Sifu Jones with the other fantastic instructors I was able to get on the train, heading straight to mastering my inner power that God gave me.

As an electrical engineer, I know that long distance electrical transmission power becomes possible when we raise the voltage up to minimize the heat losses in the wires. In my chi training, my daily focus and training is taking the voltage up, and with the Tri-concept the heat factor is minimized, and more nerve fibers are building so more transmission power is possible. I never thought that the same principles apply inside my body where the bioenergy behaves the same as it does in electrical devices.

This school was the only one so far to tell me my real identity, a spirit being hosting that body, and learning to manipulate the electro-magnetic energy that is programmable by our spirit’s conscious mind and awareness. In the early days, it was just doing the instructions with faith and expecting the good results to come. After about 20 days, I woke up and my kidney pain was gone. Also I could keep my smile and joy while traveling my weekly five hour trip on a Safari-like road.

Two months later, I could notice a big improvement in my Table-Tennis skills when it comes to body coordination and precision of shots, and most importantly my Euphoric mood while playing, where there is no pressure of winning or losing whatsoever, just enjoying the moment.  Later in year two, I found myself writing with my left hand and shooting basket ball with it too. This is the result of the nerve fibers built up and density through my daily practice of this system. The 2-5 minutes exercises were pretty cool and mainly taught me to let go more, month after month, especially to let go of the “Pushing” mentality, and “No pain no gain”.

From the “Straw moving” exercise, to spoon bending, to distant healing, they all assisted me to move beyond the conditioning of “Push up and Heat up” to get Chi out of me. I know it’s going good because after I do my small exercise, I keep feeling great, when before, after a healing energy session for example, it felt as if I had a Sauna bath and sweating all over the place. This is the direct effect of using an electrical process versus a hormonal one.

It is enough to be present with your body, work on the picture in your mind with the Tri-concept, and build that energy form with repetition. That’s brilliant to learn.  What encouraged me to enroll into the Year Two closed door system is the structure the school has since it’s like being in an online Dojo right from your own house. During Year One training, I experienced physical emotional stability. Also, checking the catalog descriptions of Year Two training got my attention to know the science behind extreme abilities, away from mysticism that I already read about.

In addition, are the follow up and our social media blog where the teachers keep posting their tips and keep reminding us of the main points of focus along the road. That’s so much of a value return considering the amount of money we are paying. I saw clearly that this school is searching to share this knowledge with a loving and caring heart and not running after money gains.

>During the start of Year Two, I experienced what we call “False Pride” and thought “I was Superman” since I succeeded to pass year one, so I stopped recalibrating the energy form, although Sifu Jones said in Year Two the Form is more powerful and needs more recalibration. I didn’t follow the time constraint recommended, and surely I hit the wall. When I overloaded, I wrote to Sifu Cicero not even aware that I broke the rules, and of course she knew that immediately from the words and the energy in the email.  So it’s like “The law of Karma” in real time action. You reap what you sow.

Now I know that this training is very serious & high level and once you enter Year Two training you are evolving into a new human being, and you are given the keys to unlock your inner potential. That is a big responsibility towards myself in the first place, because this Bioenergy is generated from the inside and the good effects are my own responsibility through the Tri-concept.  I can influence the events that occur and I know a Win/Win frame of mind is the right way to healthy relationships.  I can’t be the same person I used to be and I can’t talk the same way or think the same way anymore because now everything manifests pretty fast, so being mindful and aware of the whole day, while being active and recalibrating how I talk and think is a must for me.

Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero always explain what’s coming up before we actually experience it. They prepare us ahead of time and before we experience the pain of breaking the rules ourselves. What I like too, is that when I take off a day or two from being overloaded, the electrical overload dissipates and I can get back to normal more quickly. 

Even going to Facebook and just watching the pictures and reading the messages, a good feeling and cool energy is transferred to me. This school is so rich in content and understanding and so filled with joyful teachers that put all they know at our service. That’s the only place I have found that provides this type of training online in the past five years of my search for “Chi” Schools.

My training is teaching me to be a “Softer Judge” on myself.  The only way to learn about bioenergy is through making mistakes. Getting over mistakes takes an attitude of care and gratitude towards myself, along with the Tri-concept until I get back into the groove. I tend to see my body now not as a solid piece, but formed of 70 trillion baby cells.  These cells maintain the health of the system and they deserve to be loved and cherished; that’s a living miracle my spirit is hosting and learning about, BE GENTLE WITH IT.

I listen now to Sifu’s claims and never mix the method with another one I find online or in a book.  I know by curiosity many of us will think we can add to this system. But it’s the simplicity of the system that will lead you to true mastery and real scientific achievements.

 Good Luck to all the Friends in School and to the new Comers!

Year Two Student