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Review from a School of Chi Energy Student

Hello, I would like to take the time to introduce myself to the School of Chi Energy family. 

My name is Nelson and at the time of this post I am currently a third year student in this system. When Sifu Cicero invited us to leave a comment for the second and first year students I felt compelled to give a little insight on what to expect in the near future.  I also wanted to give a little advice on a topic that I initially glanced over in my first year of training, which will have greater influence in my life and yours as we progress in this system.  This system is the best that I have ever encountered, the thing that I like about it is that our instructor Sifu Jones has stripped away all of the mysticism and mumbo jumbo from the curriculum and has replaced it with hard scientific facts which backs up his claims.

When I was just starting out in this system I, probably like many of you were very eager for results and looked forward to all the benefits that this system has to offer.  But in being so eager for results I actually overlooked one of the most powerful and important teachings.  That is, keeping our thoughts positive at all times, not dwelling on the negative and making our chi cool and great feeling.

One of the abilities that we all develop even from the very first exercise that we do is the ability to influence other people we come in contact with. Our energy as it grows affects everyone around us this gives us the ability to change things for the better.   As you progress in this system you will start to notice your impact on the moods and feelings of others around you.   People you come in contact with will say to you as they often say to me, I love when you are working things always run smoother, or you are so pleasant to be around.  At first it will seem like a coincidence but you will soon realize it is not.  This is true POWER! Please don’t take it lightly or overlook it.

What can you expect to happen as you progress in this system?  The simple answer is Great Things! As your energy expands and your influence reaches new heights you will notice that you have controls and influences at greater and greater distances.  These abilities will be fleeting at first but with continued growth will become permanent.  You will not get sick as often, your senses of space and touch will expand, and you will have a general feeling of well being.  My hope is that you will find meaning and wisdom in these words.

Your partner in Chi at the School of Chi Energy