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Perils of Multitasking with Chi Energy

Perils of Multitasking with Chi Energy

by Don E. Brown II, MSIS

Certified Instructor; The School of Chi Energy

One of the [many] nuances that sets the School of Chi Energy apart from traditional chi-gung training systems is deliberate focus. Whereas many chi-gung systems teach disassociation with the techniques and exercises practiced, cultivating chi with the Chi Energy Method requires deliberate and intentioned focus.

This critical difference came to light for me when I stumbled across an article discussing the perils of multitasking: “Multitaskers pay attention — if you can” http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32541721/ns/health-mental_health/

Focus is imperative when engaging in any type of chi training methodology; the School of Chi Energy takes into account the mind’s ability to focus and utilizes this ability as one of the foundation building blocks.

Those who do not practice focus, and focus exercises, are generally unable to perform extreme “psi” related abilities for which they are striving: think “Criss Angel”- his ability to focus is legendary and is one of the main reasons he is able to perform at such a high-level of expertise and precision. http://www.crissangel.com/

The article, “Multitaskers pay attention — if you can” sheds light on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. As a professional Engineer, I am often required to juggle information to the point of a circus performer: conference calls; multiple instant messaging windows and conversations; emails; data-rich spreadsheets and information technology requirements documents all demanding my attention and focus at the same time. Sadly, according to the findings of the research done at Stanford University, many multitaskers are unable to differentiate between that which is pertinent and important versus what is “background noise”.

When performing the exercise regimen of the Chi Energy Method, multitasking should not be engaged during the buildup of bioenergy. In fact, the Sifus’ and Certified Instructors (myself included) will tell you: Focus on the task at hand. With deliberate focus and concentration, you teach your mind, body and spirit what is important, what it needs to pay attention to, and what you value; when your words, actions, and intentions are in one accord, results [in any field] are exponential. The mixed signals that often coincide with multitasking, sadly, impede forward results, growth and gains.

Multitask only when you absolutely have to; never multitask when doing any form of chi training.

“Focus on the task at hand.”  To learn more: To Associate or Disassociate During Chi Energy Cultivation