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Levitation and Acoustics

Levitation and Acoustics

Deliberately downplayed to the point of avoidance during the beginning years of chi training, sounds play a rather critical role in the upper echelon of advanced techniques and energy cultivation.

Recently, scientists have made marked strides in the area of acoustic levitation: lifting objects using sound waves. The concepts and technological specifics of acoustic levitation are in lockstep with this circular method of chi cultivation; further reinforcing the importance of sounds and knowing the specific ways in which to use them.

The article “How Acoustic Levitation Works” does a fantastic job blending the technical specifics without losing the layman in a quagmire of jargon. It is an excellent primer, allowing practitioners of this circular method of chi building to bridge heretofore gaps and make connections as to why sounds are of such importance, and used with the utmost of care and precision.

From the accidental formation of standing waves and the random acts of havoc they create, to the pheromone burning phenomena of acoustic saturation, sound waves manifest in our lives in very quirky ways. Without prior knowledge and preparation, even the most mindful and diligent of us find ourselves at the mercy of our own noise pollution. As we build our energy output to higher and higher levels, we find that every aspect of our being, physical and spiritual, is effected in ways that go far beyond “counter intuitive”.

Take a few minutes to read the article on acoustic levitation, and rethink the importance of tones, circles, and interpersonal relationships. The light bulb will come on, and you will be in complete harmony with the world around you, making a joyful noise indeed.

In the interim, be well; be mindful.


Don Brown [certified instructor] for the School of Chi Energy