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Joy in Recalibrating Chi Energy Fluctuations

Joy in Recalibrating Chi Energy Fluctuations

by Don E. Brown II, MSIS
Certified Instructor; for the School of Chi Energy

A catch phrase often used by the Instructors of the Chi Energy method is the need to “recalibrate”.  Often used in relation to volume of speech and tones, recalibration is a call to mindfulness.

Merriam Webster defines “calibrate” as follows: to adjust precisely for a particular function; to measure precisely; especially : to measure against a standard.  Recalibration, then, is a resetting of these levels so as to continued predictable [and desired] results.

This article is largely for my own edification inasmuch as it is for the rest of the student and instructors at the School of Chi Energy.  Recently I hit a new threshold in my energy cultivation: my overall throughput of bio electromagnetic energy has increased exponentially, and as such, my previous default settings concerning my tones, volume of speech, and overarching chi building exercises require modification: recalibration is in order.

This is something with which I have been struggling for the past 3 weeks.  Even as a Certified Instructor, the act of recalibrating is a challenge.  It is mind-boggling that an increase in chi can affect so many aspects of our lives.  Tones that are personally comfortable come across as harsh, bordering on “angry”; volumes that feel and sound appropriate come across as excessively loud, borderline “shouting”.  It is a very frustrating and confusing phenomenon: during periods like this, individuals with whom we have had fantastic rapports begin to physically back away during conversation and avoid us whereas they once upon a time drew-in simply to be closer to us.

I liken these challenges to a professional athlete- a golfer, basketball player, or quarterback.  Our chi building exercises are similar, in this analogy, to traditional strength training.  After repeated concentrated efforts, an athlete’s bench or military press may gain an increase of an additional 30 to 50 pounds.  Interestingly enough, the celebration is short-lived.  The increase in strength means that their previous strength related efforts need to be recalibrated.  Something that once upon a time required a 35% effort to reach a target now requires less than that; the specifics can only be determined via continued trial and error- their newly developed strength requires less physical effort, but an increase in mindfulness and finesse.

I have experienced this firsthand on many occasions, and continue to do so.  Years ago, via strength training, the same perceived percentage of efforts that I used open the car door resulted in me actually tearing the handle off.  Amazing the first time; confusing the second; by the third time, my Wife was utterly annoyed with me across the board.

Although my challenge in recalibrating my energies is a frustrating task, I am teaching myself to enjoy it.  It means that my energies are growing- which is the whole point of training.  It also means that I am getting closer and closer to achieving my chi-related goals.  Furthermore, although recalibration means that I am technically “off” my desired levels, I view this as an opportunity to fine-tune my sensitivities- not just against myself, but with others as well.

Many of you can nod your head in agreement with this article, as you have experienced this on occasion.  As we grow our energies and abilities, the art of recalibration goes from a “task” to a profound “joy”.  And for those of you who have not yet experienced this- you have something for which to look forward.

The School of Chi Energy Recalibration steps to building up high levels of Bio-Energy for Health, Healing and Unique Abilities

1. Transfer the temperature of coolness into the bio-energy form
2. Transfer the good feeling into the bio-energy form
3. Keep your mind thoughts and relax at a level 2 (Relax the brain muscle)


Don Brown , MSIS [certified instructor at the School of Chi Energy]

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