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Biophotons Formed in Tangible Mass

Biophotons do have tangible Mass

The School of Chi Energy teaches students how to build up “structured energy forms” from their body’s entire nerve fiber system.  The nerve fibers electrical fire and release biophotons.  Students tangibly tune into their energy forms because photons under a cooling process become formed into specialized energy forms. They learn how to perform a nerve fiber building energy exercise that builds up this tangible form of biophotons with transferring a cool temperature and a good feeling into the biophotons.  Chi Energy Students learn to use the biophotons forms for advanced abilities and healing techniques.

It was thought that photons were mass-less. Now physics is catching up with the fact that photons can indeed become mass under certain conditions.  Mass = tangibility. “It’s a photonic interaction that’s mediated by the atomic interaction,” Lukin said. “That makes these two photons behave like a molecule, and when they exit the medium they’re much more likely to do so together than as single photons.” Lukin also suggested that the system might one day even be used to create complex three-dimensional structures – such as crystals – wholly out of light.

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