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Chi Energy and the Science of Laughter

Chi Energy and the Science of Laughter

“The average person laughs around 17 times per day.” Professor Peter Abrahams  Can Chi Energy and the Science of Laughter change the amount or amplification of laughter.

Is this you?  I know it’s not me…17 times a day — hum.   Something that makes you go hum.  While people have always known that laughter makes them feel good, there is now scientific evidence that it promotes health in a number of ways.

Health Benefits of Laughter has many benefits for the general health of an individual.  These include:

  • Immune System – laughter inhibits the “fight or flight” response, by reducing levels of certain stress hormones responsible. This is beneficial to health since these hormones suppress the immune system and raise blood pressure. Laughter actually boosts the immune system by causing an increase in white blood cells
  • Blood Pressure – laughter lowers the blood pressure, while increasing vascular blood flow and oxygenation of the blood. This in turn aids healing
  • Saliva – laughter leads to increased production of salivary immunological A, which helps to prevent pathogens (disease-causing organisms) invading the body via the respiratory tract
  • Exercise – it has been estimated that laughing 100 times is the equivalent of 15 minutes’ workout on an exercise bike. Laughter exercises the diaphragm and abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles, which explains why people often feel exhausted after laughing a lot
  • Mental Health – laughter provides a way for negative emotions such as anger or frustration, to be released. Ever since the pioneering work of Patch Adams (a physician who recognized of humor when treating patients) doctors have become increasingly aware of the therapeutic benefits of laughter.”

With Chi Energy Training you can learn to transfer a good feeling attribute into bioenergy to “amplify the best type of hormones”.  Sifu Cicero: “I’m going to learn to laugh 17 times a day and amplify this type of energy!”

Reference: Physiology by Professor Peter Abrahams