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Chi Energy Year Two Class Descriptions

The School of Chi Energy Second Year Curriculum

The Chi Energy Training Descriptions 1 – 6

Year Two - Month One Class Descriptions

Video 201: Chi Energy Form Training

Sifu Cicero teaches an advanced class in energy form training in order to build higher amounts of chi in the nerve fibers. You learn that this energy form exercise is practiced with more precision and focus. Students are instructed to pay careful attention during this second year when applying the Tri-concept, as the power goes up exponentially. You’ll learn that consistent recalibration of the temperature and good feeling attributes’ will avoid negative side effects.

MP3 202: Chi Energy Form Training Part One

Sifu Jones instructs students on the specific details while performing energy form training. Students learn that this “new energy form” amplifies a greater amount of bioenergy in the student’s electrical magnetic field. You’ll be provided with instructions on how to develop a more precise routine for energy attribute transfer. Students will learn valuable shortcuts of how to master the Tri-concept with subtle “adjustments”. You’ll have the ability to make these changes while avoiding the highs and lows of fluctuating electrical currents.

MP3 203: Chi Energy Form Training Part Two

Sifu Jones’ part two lecture on energy form training shows students the unique training experiences that they may encounter during their second year in chi training. Students will learn how to discharge the power when they experience an energy overload or “energy spike”.

PDF: Year Two Temperature Range for Screen Form Training

Students will follow this procedure to learn the Tri-concept’s cool temperature transfer. You’ll learn how to lower the inside temperature of your body. Students will learn how to use a temperature gun device. This training device shows them exactly how well they are transferring their bioenergy.

PDF: Closed Door Rules and Form Training

The accompanying “closed door” document reminds students how to be proactive and not cross over into the danger zone while energy form training. Students need to refer to this document to avoid bad side effects.

PDF: Screen Training Document

Students are provided with detailed instructions on their new energy form training in Year Two.

PDFs: Chi Energy Form Training Pictorial Props

Student can print out these pictorial props to help them to build the image that they are creating into an energy form.

Year Two - Month Two Class Descriptions
MP3 204: Body Breathing 202

This class lecture explains a step by step way about how Body Breathing exercises are performed. It is another one of the two to five minute sensitivity exercises. Sifu Jones teaches students new energy techniques where the student learns to project the energy form beyond their body. You’ll, be able to tune into the energy enough to feel the walls around you. Students are taught to use the Tri-concept method while they experience their outside environment in a physically tangible way.

MP3 205: Interview with Chi Student Tamra a Professional Chi Healer

Sifu Jones interviews Chi Student and professional healer Tamra as she discusses her plateaus in energy work. Students learn how she uses the advanced energy healing techniques for herself and clients.

MP3 205a: A Chi Healer’s Tone of Voice: How to Lower Thought Intensity

A step by step procedure to lower the Intensity of Thought through the practice of the scale of tones.  The Chi Healer need to practice now how to be on the Low side of the Intensity Dial with the Buildup of their Bio-Energy-Screen-Form and other Chi Exercises.  After Year Two, a Chi Student’s tone of voice will amplify like a megaphone in the Bio-Form so they start now.

PDF: Body Breathing 202

This is the Body Breathing 202 procedure for your notebooks.

Year Two - Month Three Class Descriptions
MP3 206: Remote Viewing, Astral Travel and Out of Body Experiences: Part One

Sifu Jones teaches students how to distinguish between the subtle stages of out of body travel. You’ll learn how to build up energy in a particular way to guide your energy form allowing the spirit to go beyond physical reality. Students will learn the required characteristics for remote viewing in comparison to Astral and Out of Body travel. They’ll discover the conditions and preparations necessary to perform these extreme abilities. Students will also explore the science behind bioenergy that explains how these beginning stages in out of body travel are possible.

MP3 207: Remote Viewing, Astral Travel and Out of Body Experiences: Part Two

Sifu Jones continues in his part two lecture about out of body experiences in their various stages. Students continue to learn how quantum science and light packets of biophotons are behind spiritual travel. You’ll learn what to expect in the remote viewing stage versus the astral travel stage. Sifu Jones explains how to start with a short trip to learn how to maneuver through the unfamiliar space time dimension. Students will learn some of the different states of awareness and quirkiness to expect while performing these extreme types of abilities. They’ll learn that by using the bioenergy form in a step by step way that energy travel can be a safe and a meaningful exploration.

PDF: Out of Body

Students reference document for recording out of body experiences.

Year Two - Month Four Class Descriptions
Video 208: Wall to Wall Form Exercise

Sifu Cicero demonstrates to students how to perform this new two to five minute sensitivity wall to wall exercise. Sifu Cicero instructs with an easy to use visualization prop. Students learn that a relax focus and body is required to buildup and guide the wall to wall energy form. With practice, you’ll learn how to gently command the flow of this energy form first through a room and then into larger areas.

MP3 209: Chi Energy Year Two Advanced Healing Technique: Part One

Sifu Jones instructs this class with the assistance of chi student Nelson. Sifu Jones instructs the second level of the chi energy healing process. Students learn a step by step way to make a quantum transfer with guiding their new energy form through the person to be healed. Sifu Jones discusses how the professional healer uses the advanced healing technique in a gentle way while using a vortex. Students find out how their energy form when guided properly can balance hormones and promote cooler pheromones. They’ll learn why their bio-energy form can now release a larger amount of natural killer cells throughout the body.

MP3 210: Chi Energy Year Two Healing Technique: Part Two

Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown lecture on advanced energy healing. They take the student further into the healing process by explaining how quantum science affects this type of energy work. Students learn how to use their bioenergy form to increase their healing abilities. The second year advanced healing method requires a more subtle and precise dialed in approach. You’ll learn to approach the healing situations without muscling the energy form for a more controlled outcome. Students will be reminded that electricity is “heat based” and that using the “Four Energy Form Rules” achieves the best advanced healing results.

MP3: A Chi Energy Student’s healing on a person’s Eyes with her Energy Form

In this audio, Chi Student Dalia introduces a recording that she had sent to us detailing the healing after she had heard back about the miraculous results. The healing story starts in right after the introduction.

MP3 211: Wall to Wall Energy Exercise Lecture

Sifu Jones instructs students how to guide and expand their bio-energy form to take up more space. Students learn the details of why they are performing this two to five minute sensitivity exercise. You’ll learn how this powerful bioenergy form can create a quantum healing effect for a large group or area. Students will learn how to build up more and more of an energy form by practicing daily their wall to wall exercise.

PDF: Wall to Wall

Students are provided with the written instructions and important notes on how to build the wall to wall energy form.

Year Two - Month Five Class Descriptions
Video 212: Advanced Energy Circle Racket Training

Sifu Cicero demonstrates the advanced bioenergy racket sensitivity exercise. Students learn in this new two to five minute exercise how to guide two bioenergy forms together. You’ll learn why these exercises produce a synergistic effect. Students are taught how important the Tri-concept is while bioenergy.

MP3 213: Advanced Energy Circle Racket Lecture

Sifu Jones joined by Sifu Brown lecture on the advanced energy circle\racket form. Students hear a discussion on how the circle and racket forms come together in a step by step guided way. You’ll learn by practicing and guiding an even distribution of bioenergy that you will be able to tune or dial into the energy form with more precision. Sifu Jones explains that this two to five minute sensitivity exercise that prepares the student for the Instructor year of building energy vortex forms. You’ll also learn how the electrical magnetic molding of biophotons into this type of a combined energy form, can be used for powerful healing applications.

MP3 214: Advanced Chi Stick Energy Training

Sifu Jones and Sifu Don Brown discuss advanced ways to train with the yin chi stick. They explain to students that it takes a light touch with the yin stick device while performing this two to five minute sensitivity exercise. Students learn how to use their yin chi stick and energy form to store and to retrieve information. You’ll experience how to use this Chi Stick in the proper way by utilizing its magnetic properties.

MP3 215: Chi Energy Student’s Conference Call

Sifu Jones discusses the circular chi energy healing method. He discloses to students that these healing techniques are ancient types of energy practices achieved in closed training situations.

You’ll learn how Sifu Jones used a reverse engineering process to take extremely yang energy techniques to develop a professional advanced quantum energy healing method. Students learn to physically tune into the energy form, as it becomes a physical presence they can feel.

Year Two - Month Six Class Descriptions
Video 216: The Art and Science of Invisibility “Disappearing Technique”

Sifu Cicero demonstrates to students how a disappearing technique works. Students learn how the attributes control the spin or stationary form of the biophotons in the circle. You’ll practice and experience the physical and tangible energy form of the three tiers of circles simultaneously. Students will learn how to hone down this exercise after they become instructors.

MP3 217: Chi Energy and Colors Lecture

Sifu Jones joins Sifu Brown and discusses with students how they will only use the black and white colors with this type of Energy Form training. They’ll discuss how the science and physiology of the mind can have wide variances when it comes to color interpretation. Students learn that a vibration wavelength has multitude of variations for just one color. One color’s hue has many fluctuations that can greatly affect the way chi is formed in this method.

Student will learn how this method requires more precision with the black and white colors, as this determines how the energy will form in a particular pattern. You will learn how to become more precise while learning to dial-into the “white and black” color tones during first three years of training.

MP3 218: The Art and Science of Invisibility

Sifu Jones is joined by Sifu Brown in this lecture on the science behind the art of disappearing or invisibility. Students learn to how do this disappearing technique. They learn that there are a lot of steps involved in performing at an extreme ability level. Sifu Brown sites examples of how the military uses invisibility applications such as the stealth radar systems based on light wave frequencies and electromagnetic energy. Students learn how these technologies are behind the building blocks of the chi energy method. You’ll find out how a cloaking device that uses light waves is actually photons particles that refract light. Students learn how the sciences of quantum physics are behind the extreme chi techniques of cloaking with photons and how this special effect is achieved.

MP3 219: Beginning Levitation 101

Sifu Jones lectures to students on how their disappearing technique is the first step towards manipulating the body to defy gravity. Students learn in this beginning class on levitation the preparation needed to build up an energy form with propulsion spin properties. Students learn that the process of building up compressed subatomic particles spinning in a powerful circular energy form takes practice with a precise step by step procedure.

PDFs: Levitation, Colors and Invisibility

These detailed reference documents are the additional information the professional needs to know in order to perform extreme energy abilities.

The School of Chi Energy Second Year Curriculum

The Chi Energy Training Descriptions 7 – 12

Year Two - Month Seven Class Descriptions
Year Two \ Month Seven

Video 220: Super Set Energy Form Exercise

Sifu Cicero demonstrates for students their new energy form pattern that significantly increases the buildup of bioenergy. Students will learn how the energy form will take on a new pattern called the Supersets. You’ll experience the exponential power that this new energy exercise can deliver. Students learn the Supersets generate an enormous amount of heat energy, which makes learning the Tri-concept even more important.

MP3 221: Super Set Energy Form Lecture: Part One

Sifu Jones lectures students on the Four Rules of Energy Form Training. You’ll learn these four rules should be followed while building up bioenergy in the nerve fibers while performing the Superset exercise. Students learn how to build up higher levels of energy without overloading their body. The Supersets have such a high level buildup that the rules are necessary to help the student avoid problems. Sifu Jones instructs students precisely how they will dial down their intensity level to receive the best bio-energy building results.

MP3 222: Super Set Energy Form Lecture: Part Two

Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown continue their lecture on SuperSet Energy Form training. In this class, they talk with students about their personal SuperSet training exercise experiences. Students learn how their tones of voice and mind thoughts had a huge influence over the electrical magnetic flow of biophotons. Sifu Jones discusses in detail how the Superset pattern can be done safely to avoid the danger zone. Both Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown site their own energy overloads and how students need to be very mindful to build up their healing energy form with a non-complacent attitude. Students will become better skilled and more confident with their increased ability to use the Tri-concept properly.

PDFs: Super Set Energy Form Exercise

The Superset energy form exercise document provides the detailed steps for this practice. Students will benefit from printing out this document and reading it before performing their Superset exercise.

Year Two - Month Eight Class Descriptions
MP3 223: The Liquid Chi Energy Lecture and Advanced Racket Energy Exercise Part Two

Sifu Jones instructs students on the characteristics and attributes of liquid chi energy. He explains how liquid bioenergy is always in a fluid motion and acts like moving chi. You’ll learn how energy form training in this repetitive pattern guides and builds up your chi energy. He’ll outline a step by step process to form a stronger presence of chi while discussing how vortexes play an essential role in their training. Students learn quality instead of quantity of practice is what allows them to tune into the attributes of the Tri-concept.

Sifu Jones guides students through the two to five minute Advanced Racket exercise part two. This energy exercise takes the Y2\M5 Advanced Racket energy form to the next level with creating liquid chi in multiple vortex forms.

MP3 224: The Chi Energy Time Distortion Lecture

Sifu Jones along with Sifu Brown lecture on the topic of Time Distortion and Energy Healing Forms. They discuss with students how bioenergy at the subatomic level are biophotons. Students learn how these subatomic biophotons behave in time and space as based on the science of Quantum physics. They learn that space, time and gravity create a bend or warp in the time space fabric and produce a measurable mass state of energy. You’ll learn how the time space fabric is intertwined or entangled. Also, you’ll find when energy and light is repetitiously repeated in “particular formed pattern” that it develops mass properties. Students find this lecture on time distortion is how distance healing and other advanced abilities are possible when done in a safe step by step way.

MP3: A Time Distortion Experience with Sifu Cicero and Chi Student Chris

Chi Student Chris describes multiple instances of time distortion in his daily activities and knows that it is due to the build up of biophotons while performing his SuperSet energy exercise.

PDF: The Advance Racket Oval Spiral Device

Year Two - Month Nine Class Descriptions
MP3 225: Sifu Brown interviews Sifu Livesay

Sifu Brown and Sifu Livesay have a lively discussion explaining to students about their background. Both of them share and their private training in the early years with Sifu Jones. Students hear about their Time Distortion experiences and the weird and unusual ways that bioenergy manifests itself through chi training.

Students learn how Sifu Livesay, a 6th degree black belt healed himself of lower chronic back pain and other body damage resulting from years of sparring. Listen closely as Sifu Brown and Sifu Livesay explain their out of body experiences revealing some of the specific steps towards gaining mastery with extreme abilities.

MP3 226: Hypnotic Device Sensitivity Training

Students learn the rules and procedures to train with the hypnotic poster device. Sifu Jones explains how this type of two to five minute sensitivity exercise helps change liquid chi into heavy chi. Students learn to take their time and adhere to the rules while performing hypnotic device training. Students listen to Sifu Jones on how intense eye focus can develop and build an extreme amount of heat, unless it is managed using the Tri-concept.

PDF: Hypnotic Device Training

The hypnotic device should be printed out for your practice. Hypnotic devices should be not be used on your computer.

Year Two - Month Ten Class Descriptions
Video 227: Advanced Supersets Energy Form Training Exercise

Sifu Cicero demonstrates to students how to perform this new variation of the Advanced Supersets exercise. They’ll learn how using this variation in sequence and timing builds into the next level of Energy Form training. Sifu Cicero asks students to watch this demonstration several times in tandem with Sifu Jones’ mp3 class lecture, before they try to perform this energy exercise.

MP3 228: Advanced Supersets Energy Form Training Lecture

Sifu Jones instructs this Advanced Supersets class teaching students additional variations to the flow patterns. Students learn how this new variation is next step in building their energy healing form stronger. Students will need to recalibrate using the Tri-concept, as they get to higher levels.

PDF:Advanced SuperSets Energy Form Training Reference Guide

This pdf is an important print out for the students’ notebook detailing the Advanced Supersets procedure.

Year Two - Month Eleven Class Descriptions
MP3 229: Advanced Chi Energy Body Breathing 303 – Part One

Sifu Jones advanced Body Breathing lecture 303 class teaches students how to fully expand their awareness into a larger space. Students learn it is through relaxing the bodies to deeper levels that they can body breathe without using their breath. The Body Breathing exercise is similar to a relaxed meditative state while using the Tri-concept attributes.

MP3 230: Advanced Chi Energy Body Breathing 303 – Part Two

Body breathing part two begins the discussion of how building up a circular energy form allows you to expand the bioenergy into a useable form. Students learn that building heavy chi too quickly can cause claustrophobic feelings. Sifu Jones explains how guiding your energy form in a deeply relaxed way helps it to flow outside the area of the body. Students will use their mind intent to body breathe, so that they can feel the walls around them.

MP3 231: Advanced Chi Energy Fractals Lecture

Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown discuss how energy form exercises and fractals are related to your chi training. Sifu Brown discusses the quantum science behind this topic of fractals and how fractals can manifest themselves.

Sifu Jones lectures about fractals examples and how fractals happen in nature and inside the human body. Mountains ranges, coast lines, lightening, broccoli, ferns and even the body’s heart are all different types of fractals. You’ll learn how fractals reside in more than one dimension which gives them their unique repetitive structure. You’ll learn how fractals can be used by the energy practitioner.

PDF: The Science of Fractals and Energy Healing

Sifu Brown provides the students with an informative article on Fractal geometry and its relationship to energy form training.

Year Two - Month Twelve Class Descriptions
Video 232: Telekinesis Class 202

Sifu Cicero demonstrates the rubber band telekinesis exercise. Students watch how each step is set up before the actual exercise takes place. Simple household props create an easy way for students to practice this two to five minute sensitivity exercise after their form training routine.

MP3 233: Telekinesis Lecture 202

Sifu Jones discusses the Telekinesis two to five minute sensitivity exercise. Students learn how to prepare and setup up for a circular way of moving objects with the practice of the rubber band exercise. You’ll learn how the rubber band effect can change how a person goes through side effects while performing telekinesis. Students find this procedure is very different than Telekinesis 101. Students learn not to muscle the energy to avoid developing energy overloads. The student again is reminded to always use the Tri-concept when performing telekinesis techniques.

MP3 234: Advanced Energy Practitioner Certificate Requirements

Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero discuss with Year Two students how to prepare for the Advanced Chi Energy Practitioner’s open book test. They’ll go over the Energy Form training requirements for the nerve fiber building and sensitivity exercise. Students will be informed where to download the requirement’s certification document that outlines the abilities that are tested. You’ll learn what specific bioenergy forms and exercises to review in year two. Students review lecture classes to study in order to answer energy healing and extreme ability concepts and questions.

PDF: Chi Energy Heals Graduation Requirements

This document is an “open book test” that outlines the requirements of how to take the test. Students can call or write us with any mentoring and support questions they may have while studying for the exam.

PDF: Advanced Chi Energy Practitioner Requirements Instructions

This document provides students with a step by step list of abilities and concepts required for the open book test. Students can take their open book test by mp3, video, phone or Skype.

PDF: Advanced Chi Energy Practitioner Certificate

After students pass their test they are provided with a hard copy or pdf certificate for graduating as a Chi Energy Advanced Practitioner.

PDF: Superset Variations for the Year Two Advanced Energy Practitioner

Students whom passed certification and want to continue the Advanced Practitioner level will find this document will help them to continue their chi training.