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Chi Energy Year Three Class Descriptions: 7-12


The Chi Energy Training Instructor Year

Chi Energy Year Three Class Descriptions: 7-12

Year Three \ Month Seven

MP3 318: Levitation 202

Levitation according to its definition “is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity, in a stable position, without solid physical contact”. It is this electromagnetic force that causes the suspension state between electrically charged particles and the powerful yet subtle fields of magnetic energy. Sifu Jones lectures on the science behind levitation and why heavy chi, when built in a complete circuit form, can be used to move an object.

Students learn how electromagnetic energy built up in the nerve fibers can produce enough of the heavy chi needed in order to perform a levitation technique.  Students learn the advanced energy forms – the screen, C, O and vortex exercises, are necessary in order to perform at an extreme ability level. This class explains the key ingredients a student needs to get to that level of expertise, where they could perform a levitation technique.

MP3 319: Levitation Interview with Sifu Cicero

Sifu Jones interview Sifu Cicero on her spontaneous levitation experience.  Students learn under what conditions a person could levitate.  You’ll find that levitation is an extreme ability that demands the individual to be deeply relaxed.

MP3 320: Advanced Vortex Training

Sifu Jones lectures on advanced vortex form training. He explains this energy training will produce conditions for creating a “vortex energy form”. Detailed information is provided that explains exactly how to make a vortex.  Students learn the best way to guide the energy vortex form is by using the Tri-concept.

PDF: Body Maps, Levitation 202 and Advanced Vortex Training

Students are provided with a 3D Body Map web site link to use for chi training.  Also provided are the levitation and advanced vortex articles that are supplemental training material for the student’s reference.

Year Three \ Month Eight

MP3 321: Building Chi Bridges

Sifu Jones lectures on the process of shoring up and reinforcing weak areas of the body. Students learn the proper way to use a Chi Energy Bridge. This exercise assists the student in strengthening energy circuits in the hinged joints of the body.  Bioenergy sometimes develops or overloads in joints of the body.

Students will learn specific instructions through video and lecture on how to properly create the energy support bridge. They’ll discover that they can use their own bioenergy in a chi bridge form that will stabilize weak areas while dispersing negative energy. Discomfort and pain will be guided away from the joints that are overloaded with excess bioenergy due to building incorrectly. Sifu Jones explains how chi bridges will be used to join and connect screens (coupling techniques) with other forms of energy. This multipurpose exercise will bond and repair energy gaps or weak areas inside the body.

MP3 322:  Electricity, Magnetism and Bioenergy

Sifu Jones lectures to students about Energy Form Training.  He talks about the electrical and magnetic components of biophotons.  Students learn about the benefits of using energy forms.

MP3 323: Advanced SuperSet Variations Part Two

Sifu Jones lectures on the Superset Variations Part Two process. Students will learn how this variation in their training will aid in the energy buildup. Topics include talks about particular events that will occur during the students training. One of these events will be the presence of muscular contractions in the arms and legs while doing the advanced superset variations two exercises.  In time, the student can learn to contract their own muscles or those of other people using their own chi projection.

Year Three \ Month Nine

Video 324: Building a Chi Chamber

Sifu Cicero demonstrates to students a step by step procedure on how to build and use a Chi Energy Chamber. Students will be provided with a Chi Chamber building material document, which explains how to assemble this powerful device.  The student uses this device, while performing a two to five minute sensitivity exercise.

MP3 325: The Chi Chamber 101 Lecture

Sifu Jones teaches a class on how students practice using the Chi Chamber. He discusses how this process builds energy up extremely fast. Students learn the only way to properly build chi with this device without getting “bad side effects” is by using the Tri-concept at a highly skilled level. Students learn the value of this training device and how it enhances their training.

MP3 326: Selective Hearing and Chi Energy Part One and Two

In this class, students learn how to tune into the subtle and intricate streams of audio or sound bioenergy.  Students will learn how to discriminate and identify auditory information.  Students perform the selective hearing exercise for two to five minutes daily.  Students learn it takes time and practice to literally feel how to use this hearing sensory of chi through the physical body.

PDF: Chi Chamber Materials and Assembly Document

Students are provided with a step by step procedure on how to build a chi chamber.  Also provided, is the list of material needed to assemble this unique training device.

Year Three \ Month Ten

Video 327: Chi Joint Comforters Exercise

Sifu Cicero demonstrates to students how to perform the chi joint comforter two to five minute exercise.  Students learn the specific details on how to use the joint comforter on themselves and others.

MP3 328: Using Advanced Colors with Chi Energy

This class explains why students refrain from the use of primary colors in this method.  Students use the colors of black and white while performing their energy form training.  Students are taught scientifically how colors affect their bodies.  They’ll learn using colors create more heat in the body than is necessary.  Students learn how to use colors in the right way in order to build up more energy they will be able to harness.

MP3 329: Heavy Hypnotic Phrases with Chi Energy

Students learn from this class how to tune into the attributes of heavy chi or bioenergy when using the sound of their voice. You’ll learn in this lecture what heavy hypnotic phrases are and how they are used with energy forms.  Students learn specific techniques using their energy form through their tone of voice. They learn that hypnotic phrases can flow right out of their mind thoughts into an energy form. They also learn how tones and sounds can construct a three dimensional form of bioenergy. These concepts and techniques are the beginning stages for Fourth Level graduate energy training designed for Chi Instructors.

MP3 33o: Chi Joint Comforters

Students will learn about a new two to five minute exercise called the Chi Joint Comforter’s exercise. You’ll experience how to use this exercise to disperse energy overloads from building up too much heat.  Students learn how the buildup of heat can be due to using too much mind intensity, which sometimes leads to painful joints. Sifu Jones teaches students how to avoid energy spikes with this type of energy training.

Year Three \ Month Eleven

MP3 331: Triangulation and Chi Energy

Sifu Jones lectures to students on the Triangulation process.  You’ll learn that it requires a team of chi energy people in order to perform some extreme abilities. This team will require each chi practitioner to have practiced a unique skill to perform their part of their extreme ability.

Sifu Jones discusses how this team of chi energy workers will create a chi bridge and bands together each chi person’s energy. Students learn how to choose their chi members carefully, as they will provide a purposeful part in the triangulation process. Students learn that the leader of the team must know the necessary steps to plan and direct each stage of the process.  It is usually at the instructor level that the student starts understanding how triangulation works.

MP3 332: Compressing Chi Energy verses Layering Chi Energy

This class lecture is on compressing bioenergy versus layering bioenergy into a form.  Students learn more about how biophotons work.  Students are taught the process of compressing bioenergy from a liquid into a semi-solid state.

Layering can be used in the process of building up the size of your energy form. It’s these layering lines of energy, the circles and screens, that assist the depositing effect that build sheets or coatings of bioenergy. The repetitive building of this type of process causes a builds up in the nerve fibers. Students learn as biophotons compress and layer they will develop a protective ion shield. Students will use different training devices to help with this thickening process. Over time, this type of chi energy can be used in a variety of different extreme abilities.

Year Three \ Month Twelve

Video 333: Yang Chi Energy Break Example

Chi Instructor John breaks a board while using a yang energy form with breath and sound. Students at this level will be able to feel the heat and other wasteful byproducts using this linear type of bioenergy strike.

Video 334: Yin Chi Energy Break Example

Chi Instructor John breaks a board while using a yin energy form strike.  Students may be able to physical feel the bioenergy form coming through the video from this controlled, finessed circular form of energy.  The Tri-concept is an important part of the yin break process that a student learns.

MP3 335: Using Chi Energy for Self Defense: Dim Mak Training

This class on Dim Mak is taught by Sifu Jones. Dim Mak is a destructive way of using high level chi for self-defense.  Dim Mak basically means “death touch”.  The students will have the ability to heal or hurt using this technique. The chi instructor learn how they can use this self defense technique, if they find themselves in a “life threatening” situation.

MP3 336: Instructor Certification in Advanced Abilities and Concepts

The School of Chi Energy Certification is an open book exam that is provided to the student to meet graduation standards as a Chi Energy Instructor. These standards or abilities are based on three years of nerve fiber building and coursework classes.

MP3 337: The Instructor’s Forum: “The Chi and Here After”

After graduation, the certified Chi Energy Instructor has the opportunity to continue their professional education and become eligible for fourth year training.  They can learn about the fourth year level training by joining the Instructor’s Forum. The fourth year courses will be listed in The Instructor’s Forum and taught exclusively by Sifu Jones using advanced techniques based on their acquired skills after three years. These Fourth Year Classes are designed for the serious Chi Energy Instructor, who wants to dive into the deeper levels of extreme abilities.

PDF: Chi Energy Training Device Document

Students are provided with a list of chi energy training devices that they use throughout their three years of training.

PDF: Year Three Instructor Certification Document

Students are provided with a list of abilities and concepts for their open book test.

PDF: Year Three Instructor Certificate

Students need to pass their Instructor exam in order to become certified Instructors.  Only certified Instructors are eligible for fourth year Instructor courses.