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Chi Energy Year One Class Descriptions

The School of Chi Energy First Year Curriculum

Chi Energy Training Method Year One Class Descriptions (1-12)

Year One - Month One Class Descriptions
Video 101a: Fast Pace Nerve Fiber Building Flow Pattern Exercise

The Nerve Fiber Building Energy practice is the student’s first foundational bioenergy form exercise. Sifu Cicero demonstrates to the student how to guide and build their first form of biophoton energy in an easy to learn, low aerobic impact flowpattern movement. Each student through the practice of their NFB exercise, find they are depositing a biophoton residue tangibly into form. They experience creating the the biophotonic electrical connection in the energy form guided thru their body’s entire nervous system. Sifu Cicero also demonstrates how to adjust the exercise to accommodate different body types or conditions.

Video 101b: Moderate Pace Nerve Fiber Building Flow Pattern Exercise

Instructor Rahman demonstrates to students how to build up high levels of bioenergy in their nerve fibers in an alternative way to practice the NFB at a more moderate pace. Students will find that the NFB energy exercise is similar to building up a network of healing bioenergy pathways throughout the entire body’s nervous system. The moderate pace builds up the bioenergy form in the same flowpattern with more time to adapt to a relaxed cool temperature and good feeling transfer.

Video 102: Chi Energy Packing

Sifu Cicero teaches a bioenergy packing exercise class that demonstrates how the student will gather chi in the body. By building chi in this way, the student will learn to become sensitive to the physical attributes of bio-energy. Chi Energy can be physically felt for the first time in a tangible way, which will feel much stronger when they perform their chi energy palm test.

MP3 103: What is Chi Energy and how is it related to Bioenergy

Sifu Jones talks with students about how to start their chi energy training. He is joined by Sifu Brown, whom explains that chi energy and bioenergy are one and the same. Students learn that bioenergy, at the subatomic levels are biophotons, which are a type of light. You’ll find our chi training program teach students high level energy healing and other Chi type techniques. Then learn how this method is backed by quantum science and the latest medical research on energy and how that energy affects the body.

MP3 104: The Tri-Concept

This class lecture by Sifu Jones on the Tri-Concept is his signature method to building high amounts of energy. The Tri-concept is a step by step procedure to creating an energy form that uses a good feeling and a cool temperature. During the NFB exercise students learn to use the Tri-concept by transferring the two attributes into their (good feeling and a cool temperature) energy form.

Students learn why these two attributes of “a good feeling and a cool temperature” is the only way to buildup “Formed BioEnergy” for healing purposes. You’ll find that building large amounts of energy by using the Tri-concept guides the biophotons into an energy form. Students will learn how Quantum science and medical research explain the way chi energy works with the body and mind.

Chi practitioners will find out from this lecture that the daily buildup of chi energy needs frequent recalibration with the Tri-concept. Sifu Jones explains the necessity to recalibrate because of the way bioenergy affects the body. The Chi Energy Training method is the professional way to advance in energy healing and to perform reliable extreme abilities.

MP3 105: Nerve Fiber Building and Energy Packing in Detail

In this Nerve Fiber Building class taught by Sifu Jones, students learn how these specially designed energy exercises grow the body’s nerve fibers in a unique and powerful way. Students will be taught how to avoid the bad side effects from practicing energy work. Students will experience the positive health and healing benefits of practicing bio-energy exercises.

MP3 106: Getting Your Mind Right: Dial-up Effect

This is a class that is recommended by Sifu Jones for all students at any level in the Chi School program. Sifu Jones describes how to keep in the proper dial zone while practicing high level energy techniques. Each energy form that the student learns to build will be accomplished in a specific way. Students learn if they put too much intensity or emotional content into this process could lead to bad feeling side effects.

MP3 107: Questions and Answers

A class discussion where Sifu Jones answers students’ frequently asked questions. There are ten typical student questions that are answered in detail to help students in their energy work.

PDF: Temperature Training Device

Students learn how to transfer a cool range temperature into their energy form for nerve fiber building.

PDF: Questions, Temperature Devices and Nerve Fiber Building

Students are provided with the list of frequently asked questions. Also, included for students are primary instructional documents on the details of using these training devices.

JPG: The Energy Ball Form

This pictorial image of an energy ball will assist the student with the nerve fiber building exercise. Students learn the significance of training devices, the longer they practice their Form training.

Year One - Month Two Class Descriptions

Video 108: The Lying Down Nerve Fiber Building Energy Exericse

Sifu Cicero teaches a class where the student will learn how to visualize a bio-energy form when in a reclining position to do the Nerve Fiber Building exercise. Students will practice this evening NFB exercise in the way they are instructed using the Tri-concept.

She teaches the details on how this specially designed Nerve Fiber Building is performed. Each student learns to keep their mind using a relaxed focus, while guiding their energy form.

Video 109: Telekinesis 101

Sifu Cicero demonstrates to students how to use their bio-energy to move a straw inside a clear closed container. This is the first in a series of one to five minute sensitivity exercises chi students will learn to perform. In this sensitivity exercise, the student learns to move an object, while using the Tri-concept.

MP3 110: Telekinesis 101 lecture

Sifu Jones teaches students a beginning class in telekinesis. Students first learn how to move a straw with their bioenergy form. They are taught how to use the Tri-concept to “guide” their bioenergy form to move a straw in a closed container. They’ll learn the scientific reasons as to why telekinesis is possible when using quantum techniques. Students ultimately, with all two to five minute sensitivity exercises, learn how to project a tangible bioenergy form of energy with precision, temperature control and a good feeling in an effortless way.

MP3 111: The Chi Energy Meditation

Sifu Cicero explains the step by step way to prepare and position your body for a relaxing chi energy meditation. This type of meditation prepares the physical mind and body thru deep relaxation to better tune into the bioenergy.

MP3 112: Chi Clothes and Chi Room

In this lecture, Sifu Jones discusses what makes up and becomes part of a Chi student’s training environment. Students learn how their chi energy becomes infused in their training room, clothing and other objects by performing the nerve fiber building exercise on a regular daily basis.

MP3 113: Utilizing the Right Breathing Techniques

Students learn from this class that using breaths can actually slow down this process of building their nerve fibers stronger. Sifu Jones explains to students that during this type of training they are learning how to control their inside body temperature with the Tri-concept. Strong breaths tend to heat their bioenergy too quickly. Students learn that concentrating on their breathing patterns, is too much, when mastering this skill of inner body temperature control.

MP3 114: Sifu Jones Interviews Instructor Sifu Andrei

Students listen and learn lessons about chi by Sifu Biesinger, one of our certified instructors. He’ll share details of his chi training to chi students and how it sometimes led him to be able to perform extreme abilities. He also brings up the things that slowed down his chi progress.

MP3 115: Hormonal vs. Electrical Chi Buildup Part One

Students learn how to build up bio-energy in an Electrical versus a Hormonal way. This class opens doors for students to understand the positive health and healing effects of using cool bio-energy.

Sifu Jones lectures on how adding too much emotional intensity creates heat, inside the body, which could lead to students building up this energy with bad side effects. Students find out how these types of hormonal side effects produce a roller coaster ride when building high levels of bio-energy. You learn that a hormonal build up can break down the body and mind very quickly and lower your own immune system.

MP3 115a: Questions and Answers

Sifu Jones answers more Frequently Asked Questions from students.

PDFs: Questions, Internal Organs and the Endocrine System

Students are provided with a list of FAQs. In addition, pictorial documents are provided to show the location and description of vital internal organs specifically those of the endocrine system. Sifu Jones explains the significance of these vital organs and how hormonal areas can be used for performing for Quantum Energy healing.


Year One - Month Three Class Descriptions

MP3 116: The Five Minute Rule in Chi Energy

This lecture teaches students how they’ll attain increased progress as they learn to fine tune the Tri-concept, while practicing their two to five minute sensitivity exercises. They’ll learn how their ability to tune into chi energy in the right way is dependent on their sensitivity level.
In order to sense an object’s bio-energetic attributes, students train to perceive subtle sensitivities, that an object projects using temperature, pressure, density and more. Students will learn a series of these two to five minute sensitivity training exercises, which will help keep them from overloading their body with too much energy. Overloads lead to less sensitivity.

Video 117: Sensing Colors with Chi Energy

Sifu Cicero demonstrates this bioenergy exercise class in sensing primary colors. Students will learn how to tune into colors without using their eyes. Using only a blindfold, students will be able to tune into how a color can be felt or seen by using their bioenergy.

PDF 117b: Practice: How to Lower Your Intensity during Chi Energy Exercises with using the Dial

Lowering Mind Thought Intensity lowers the vibration of Formed Bio-Energy which builds more electrical voltage and amps in a specialized form of Chi Energy.

MP3 118: Quantum Physics and Chi Energy

Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown dive into a class on the science behind bioenergy. They explain in simple terms how Quantum physics is behind the method of Chi Energy Heals. Students will learn how bioenergy behaves like electricity at the sub-atomic photon level in Quantum science. They’ll discuss how temperature plays an important role in how chi can become formed into a pattern of healing energy.

MP3 119: Hormonal vs. Electrical Chi Buildup Part Two

Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero discuss the prevalent hormonal way energy work is taught to the public. Students learn that pushing energy in a top to bottom way such as (through the brain and\or sexual organs) or pocketing energy into organs may have negative side effects. Some of the most widely taught energy methods are Qigong, Reiki, Yoga, Breath work, Huna and Chakra Activation which use a hormonal method, to cultivate energy. Students will hear how you can quickly reach a plateau with these energy methods due to the heat factor problem.

Sifu Jones explains how the electrical way of building chi is a more superior approach to performing energy work on yourself and others. He shows scientifically how chi (biophotons) and electricity act in the same way. The chi energy circular method uses the latest information out of Quantum physics and Quantum mechanics.

MP3 120: Questions & Answers

This is month three’s frequently asked student questions, answered by Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero.

PDFs: Questions, Quantum Physics and Chi Energy

Students are provided this month’s questions in pdf format. This includes an insightful article on Quantum Physics and Chi by certified instructor Don Brown.



Year One - Month Four Class Descriptions


Video 121: Sensing Objects with Chi Energy

Sifu Cicero demonstrates how to sense an object’s bioenergy field through a closed container. Students practice how an object’s bioenergy field can be determined by shape, size, density, pressure, temperature and other attributes. This next two to five minute sensitivity exercise cultivates the student’s awareness to pick up on an object’s bioenergy attributes and allows for what many people call psychic abilities.

MP3 122: Water and Chi Energy

Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown lecture on how the mind’s intent influences the energetic field of water with thoughts, words and visualizations. Students learn that at the subatomic level “intentional words, thoughts and the like” can directly influence the quality of the water a person drinks.

MP3 123: Benefits and Considerations for a Chi Training Partner

A lecture and discussion with Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown on the advantages and disadvantages of chi partner training. Students learn how trading energy with someone else can have lots of different consequences. Several direct examples will be discussed in detail with the students.

MP3 124: Sifu Cicero’s Interview with Sifu Benjamin Richardson

Sifu Richardson talks with Sifu Cicero about when he started his chi energy training with Sifu Jones. He discusses how his commitment to daily chi energy training brought about the right results. Sifu Richardson tells how using an easy step by step procedure builds up energy in a quality way without too much intensity. Students learn how his early on mistakes actually made him a better student of the chi energy method.

MP3s 125: Questions and Answers Part One and Two

Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero discuss and answer chi energy month four questions.

PDFs: Questions, Water and Chi

This month’s questions from students in pdf format with another eye opening article by Sifu Don Brown on Water and Chi. His article shows why they want to apply the good feeling and cool energy attributes to the container before drinking their water.

Year One - Month Five Class Descriptions

Video 126: Remote Viewing 101 Part One

Sifu Cicero along with Chi Student Beach shows how to project bioenergy from their palms sending the energy through a solid object. Students learn how to build remote viewing sensitivity with practicing this new two to five minute sensitivity exercise.

Video 127: Remote Viewing 101 Part Two

This next remote viewing demonstration with Sifu Cicero and Chi Student Beach show how they sense each other’s physical presence, even though there is a solid wall between them.

Video: Telekinesis Video: Revisiting Moving a Straw using an infrared camera

A Chi Energy Student using an infrared Camera to measure the effect their cool and good feeling transfer into the bioenergy while moving a straw.

MP3: Telekinesis: Revisiting Moving a Straw using an infrared camera

A Chi Energy Student explaining how he was transferring his Tri-concept attributes using an infrared Camera. He tell of how the straw’s movements using a good feeling and cool transfer into the moving bioenergy made him change from yang to yin.

MP3 128: How Pheromones work with bio-electricity

Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown talk about what pheromones are, how they behave and how the subtle sense of smell (on a subconscious level) affects the human body’s hormones. According to Wikipedia: “Pheromones are chemical messengers’ transported outside of the body; and result in a direct developmental effect on hormone levels or behavioral changes”.

Students learn the difference between attracting and repelling pheromones and how each will affect their emotions. You’ll learn that by transferring a cool temperature and good feeling into an energy form, you can produce an electrical magnetic charge. These charges chemically produce an attractive energy when used in this way, or negative (repulsive one) when used in the wrong way.

MP3 129: Law of Attraction with “Magnetic Chi”

This is a class discussion about the powerful nature of attraction and repulsion at the subatomic level with bio-energy. Students will learn how negative and positive ion particles behave. Students find how their own body’s pheromones will physically attract or repel others around them. We’ll go over how the book “The Secret” leaves out the most important information in order to know how “The Law of Attraction” works for you.

MP3s 130: Questions & Answers Part One and Two

This is a revealing array of student questions answered by Sifu Jones. Lecture includes how his experiences with the law of attraction and other phenomena bring to light many positive cause and effects.

PDFs: Questions, Pheromones and Remote Viewing

A list of class questions by students with answers by Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero for this month.

Included is an article that takes another look at how Pheromones & Chi Energy works in a chi student’s life. In addition is an article by Sifu Jones explaining more details on the step by step procedure on how to practice remote viewing 101.

Year One - Month Six Class Descriptions

Video 131: Fast Nerve Fiber Building

The Fast Nerve Fiber Building exercise continues to help increases the size of the nerve fibers. Students learn as their energy increases when using their chi form it is easy to overheat.

Students watch how to frequently adjust and recalibrate their inside body temperature using the Tri-concept, as the buildup of bioenergy increases. Students will experience the increased benefits with this new FNFB exercise very quickly.

Video 132: Circle Energy Form Exercise

Sifu Cicero demonstrates this Circle Form training class. This is one of the first energy exercises that help students build an energy form outside of their body in a 360 degree circular way. This is a one to two minute chi exercise that students will do after their Fast Nerve Fiber Building routine. Students that regularly perform the exercise will be rewarded with an increased metabolism and healthy immune system.

MP3 133: The Circle Energy Form Class Lecture

Sifu Cicero and Sifu Jones talk with students about the Circle Energy Form. Sifu Jones describes how the Circle Energy Form, when performed with the Tri-concept will create a tangible or physically feeling form of energy. Students learn by performing this two to five minute sensitivity exercise that they build higher amounts of bioenergy in a circular form. They will utilize these higher amounts of biophotons to perform extreme abilities and healing applications.

MP3 134: Natural Killer Cells and Chi Energy

Sifu Jones teaches a class in how the transference of a good feeling and a cool temperature built up into a specialized bio-energy form can heal the body and mind. His lecture looks at an extraordinary cell called “Natural Killer Cell” and how the NKC “intelligent cellular protection” is our key to health & longevity. It’s important to build up the bio-energy form with our signature Tri-concept method in order to promote and release more of these Natural Killer Cells into our bodies. NKCs are our bodies’ last defense against a viral attack.

MP3 135: Sexual versus Spiritual Chi Energy

Sifu Jones explains to students how amplifying your sexual hormonal energy can like some methods suggest, can cause detrimental effects to your body and mind. He explains how using different methods of moving around your energy causes different types of hormonal side effects. Students learn how using cool temperature energy is the best way to build up energy properly. They will also learn that using sexual or hot energy causes too many bad side effects.

MP3 136: Sifu Cicero’s interview with Instructor Sifu Don Brown

Sifu Brown talks to students about his lifetime practice with the Chi Energy method. He provides personal achievements; insights and experiences in this “mistake driven method” that will help students take the best path through their training.

MP3 137: Questions & Answers Part One and Two

Sifu Jones answers student’s questions about the last five months of their daily chi training practice and about the two to five minute sensitivity exercises.

PDFs: Questions, Natural Killer Cells

This month student questions, are in pdf format. In addition, there is a pdf with specific information on Natural Killer Cells and the importance of the student’s chi practice ties into this knowledge.


Year One - Month Seven Class Descriptions

MP3 138: The Chi Energy Danger Zone

Sifu Jones lectures on how a potential overload of energy can manifest for students while building high amounts of energy in the body. This happens when students increase their intensity by pushing, pulling or muscling their chi exercises. Negative side effects can occur when using a “no pain, no gain” attitude.

Students that overload their body with too much energy can run into energy spikes. Energy spikes or overloads that can get caught up in a muscle group or go into the head area. Energy spikes can show up as an emotional amplification of anger, frustration and fear. Other problems can binging on food, smoking or drinking and even more prevalent are headaches, organ or body aches.

Sifu Jones explains to students how to stay out of the danger zone. Students learn the need for a continual recalibration of the Tri-concept attributes for the best results. Students will need to continually recalibrate using the Tri-concept in order to get the best results.

MP3 139: An Interview with Sifu Andrei and different types of Chi Abilities

Sifu Cicero talks with Sifu Andrei about his exceptional chi energy healing story. Sifu Andrei describes the details of how he was able to heal himself right after his severe motor bike accident. He describes how using the chi energy method kept him alert from the pain that was causing him to lose consciousness. Students will hear how he was able to perform a chi energy healing that repaired his damaged ankle and bone without hospitalization in less than three hours, to the point he could walk on it that night.

MP3 140: The Three Chi stages: Solid \ Water \ Gas Part One

In this class Sifu Jones breaks down the three stages of chi training a student goes through in this method. He discusses how the water stage will have various levels to it. Then he’ll teach how students will experience the space time fabric at these different levels. Students learn ahead of time what type of phenomena will be coming as they continue to build their body’s nerve fibers stronger.

MP3 141: Three Chi stages: Solid \ Water \ Gas Part Two

Sifu Jones discusses how students will learn that the water stage is like a liquidity flux state. You will learn how the gas stage can cause this out of world experience that requires expertise and preparation. You’ll learn it is the gas stage where extreme abilities like becoming more physically youthful, levitation, moving objects and an out of body experiences can happen.

MP3 142: Questions & Answers Part One and Two

This class is month seven’s student questions with answers that cover how to avoid the danger zone.

PDF: Questions, Danger Zone

This is a list of the questions from the mp3 class in pdf form. It includes a document on the Danger Zone signs. Students are advised to print out the Danger Zone document for reference.


Year One - Month Eight Class Descriptions

Video 143: The Amazing Yin Chi Stick

Sifu Cicero demonstrates how students will practice the circle energy exercise with the Yin Chi Stick device. Students will be shown how to first handle, prepare and then how to guide the yin chi stick to assist in the formation of their energy circle in a healing way. You’ll learn how the Tri-concept’s recalibration is the only way to handle the strong electro-magnetic qualities of this yin chi stick.

MP3 144: The Amazing Yin Chi Stick

Sifu Cicero demonstrates how students will practice the circle energy exercise with the Yin Chi Stick device. Students will be shown how to first handle, prepare and then how to guide the yin chi stick to assist in the formation of their energy. You’ll learn how using the Tri-concept is the best way to handle the strong electro-magnetic qualities of this yin chi stick.

MP3 145: An Interview with Sifu Dragoo discussing Extreme Abilities

Students learn about Sifu Dragoo’s journey in martial arts which lead him into chi energy training. Sifu Dragoo talks about his collection of chi stories.

MP3 146: Questions & Answers Part One and Two

This month’s questions and answers that goes over the yin chi stick energy exercise.

PDF: Questions, Yin Chi Stick Information

Students are provided a list of questions and information and on ordering your Yin Chi Stick online.


Year One - Month Nine Class Descriptions

Video 147: Bending Metal with Yang Chi

Chi Instructor Andrei demonstrates how yang chi or hot energy can bend metal. He discusses how using warm or hot temperatures when bending metal creates bad side effects or a roller coaster ride of emotions for the student. Students will learn that bending metal in a yang effort can zap the energy from the body. Recovering from this requires the student to take off a few days from their energy practice. Students learn to avoid the bad side effects that add up and cause inflammation hurting your body’s immune system.

Video 148: Bending Metal with Yin Chi

Chi Instructor Andrei demonstrates demonstrates how to bend a metal fork in a yin way. Students learn how to use a calm mind while transferring the attributes of the Tri-concept. A student uses this energy to change and manipulate the object’s magnetic energy. Learning to cool photons is the beginning of understanding electrical energy. This is another of the two to five minute sensitivity exercises that students learn.

MP3 149: Bending Spoons and other Psychic Phenomena

Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero discuss with students how performing energy work incorrectly without temperature control burns the body’s pheromones and lowers your immune system. Students learn that by correctly transferring the attributes of the Tri-concept, while bending metal, can avoid the bad side effects. You’ll learn that using the Tri-concept is the easiest route to learning how to do extreme abilities.

MP3 150: Chi Awareness and Animal Control Part One

Sifu Jones instructs students how they can use this chi energy to control animals, bugs and all creatures. You’ll learn how cool temperature chi energy will directly relate with how you’re going to get along with other animals in a cause and effect way.

Sifu Jones interviews Sifu John Livesay about his experience with attracting “spiders” and other creatures while doing his chi workouts. Sifu Livesay describes how he uses a cool temperature to repel animals and bugs of all kinds, and a hot temperature to attract them towards him.

MP3 151: Chi Awareness and Animal Control Part Two

Sifu Jones and Sifu Livesay continue this part two class in animal control. Students learn that pheromones act the same in humans as they do in animals and bugs. You’ll learn how some animals are friendly towards a cool electrical energy or others like spiders and mosquitoes can be repelled by cool energy. Students hear why building up energy without controlling the temperature can have unwanted bad side effects.

Pheromones can provide an attracting or repelling chemical reaction when interacting with people. Your inside body temperature determines whether your pheromones will be attracting or repelling. Students learn that the Tri-concept attributes are the best way to control their body’s pheromones.

MP3 152: Questions & Answers Part One and Two

This is month nine questions and answers mp3 class with Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero.

PDF: Questions

This pdf is the class list of month’s nine student questions for your notebook.


Year One - Month Ten Class Descriptions

Video 153: Hot Temperature Transfer with Yang Chi

Sifu Andrei demonstrates a yang way of transferring a “hot” temperature. Students learn how to avoid the negative side effects that Sifu Andrei shows when he overloads his nervous system. You’ll learn how Sifu Andrei goes way pass the recommended temperature range and quickly winds up in the hot temperature danger zone. Students learn from Sifu Andrei’s reaction how this type of energy overload can take you out of hormonal control and chi training for days.

Video 154: Cool Temperature Transfer with Yin Chi

Sifu Andrei demonstrates how to transfer the cool energy this time. This class reveals how Sifu Andrei uses the temperature device to measure how temperature can be lowered one degree at a time. Students learn how to guide their energy in a cool way to lower the temperature on their body. You’ll learn by practicing different two to five minute sensitivity exercises how to transfer energy.

Video 154b: Cool Temperature Transfer with Thermal Camera

Chi Energy Student transferring a cool temperature into her hand filmed with a infrared thermal camera.

 Video 154c: Heat Temperature Transfer with Thermal Camera

Chi Energy Student visualizing and feeling a hot cup of coffee and then transferring the heat into her hand filmed with an infrared camera

MP3 155: Energy Temperature Transfer

Sifu Jones explains how Sifu Andrei transfers a cool temperature attribute throughout his body in order to lower his inside body’s temperature. This mp3 class teaches students the benefits of building high levels of chi in the right way. These techniques can be used to raise or lower your own body’s temperature or that of your family, friends and clients for healing purposes.

MP3 156: Emotional Content and Chi Part One

These classes on emotional content teach the student how the Tri-concept is the premier way to have emotional stability while performing energy work. Sifu Jones explains how temperature control affects the hormonal flow in the body. You’ll learn how emotional content affects the health and well being of the body when building high amounts of biophotons in the nerve fibers.

MP3 157: Emotional Content and Chi Part Two

Students learn that the buildup of high level chi in this method is similar to building up electricity in a circuit. He lets students know bioenergy has exact properties of electricity and that it runs extremely fast and hot. Sifu Jones explains the secrets involved to building your bio-energy sensitivity to high levels while maintaining your emotional control.

MP3 158: The variance between Light & Heavy Chi

Students learn the definition, physical characteristics and practical application of light and heavy bioenergy. Sifu Jones explains how the prevailing energy healing modalities project a light linear bioenergy through their palms, eyes and a variety of other ways. Students learn how this method of building up light chi using an energy form directly leads to the buildup of heavy chi. You’ll discover why this way of building chi is not taught in other energy systems. Students are taught how the Tri-concept was developed in order to allow the formation of light and heavy chi into an energy form.

MP3 159: Month Ten Question & Answers

Student questions and answers for month ten with Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero.

PDF: Month Ten Questions, Transfer Energy Temperature, Emotional Content, The Second Brain

The list of questions asked from the questions and answers mp3 class for your notes. Several articles are presented on energy transfer, emotional content and the second brain that supplements your chi training for this month.

Year One - Month Eleven Class Descriptions

MP3 160: Chi Energy and Effective Healing Techniques

Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero will discuss with students the usage of effective healing techniques. By now students will have learned to have built up enough bioenergy in a form, that they can use it with their healing techniques. You’ll begin by learning to prepare and relax the body by guiding the healing energy form in this new flow pattern. Students learn that this new healing pattern includes how to guide the energy form in themselves or another person through specific areas of the body.

Video 161: Chi Energy and Effective Healing Techniques

Students learn how to perform powerful healing techniques. Students are taught to relax themselves and the person to be healed. The student will then be taught to effectively guide the energy form through specific areas of the body to promote the release of natural killer cells and the good feeling hormones.

MP3 162: Energy Protection from Vampires & Ion Force Field

Sifu Jones discusses with students how to use their bioenergy form in a protective way. You’ll learn how to use the energy form to change the electromagnetic field in and around yourself. Students learn by doing this technique they can maintain in a state of good feeling and a cool temperature around. Students learn how to be with people who are emotionally and hormonally drama driven.

MP3 163: Body Breathing 101

This energy 101 body breathing class is a unique way to expand your energy outside of the body. This technique has nothing to do with your actual breath. Students will learn a technique that will show them how to project chi or bioenergy out of their body. You’ll learn this two to five minute sensitivity exercise is a building block for body breathing 202 in the second year of training.

MP3 164: Circular Chi versus Linear Chi

Sifu Jones explains to students the difference between the chi in a circular method and using chi in a linear way. Students learn that it is the power of the bio-energy circuit practiced repetitively that creates a power in the energy. Linear chi is moving chi. Students learn that a circular method is far superior to using a linear one in a straight line, which usually comes out as energy that is hot and destructive.

MP3 165: Brain Function & Selective Chi Training

Sifu Jones and Sifu Brown discuss with students the brain’s function in relation to energy buildup and healing. You’ll learn why other energy methods use a moderate approach when building high amounts of bioenergy in the body. They’ll explain why other energy methods that brings energy through the brain windup releasing large amounts of hormones indiscriminately into the body, which can lead to bad feelings side effects.

Students learn how doing energy work in the wrong way can cause emotional highs and lows, disturbed sleep patterns, binging and agitated energy levels. Sometimes damaging effects on the delicate glands within the brain can occur when using too much intensity.

PDF: Brain Function

Sifu Brown provides an article for students to reference how the brain functions in relationship to chi energy training.


Year One - Month Twelve Class Descriptions

MP3 166: Chi Energy Practitioner Year One Certification

Head Instructor Sifu Jones and Certified Instructor Sifu Cicero talk to students about their First Year in Chi Energy. They’ll go over the list of Chi Energy test requirements and abilities with the student. Students can complete the test by making a video or audio mp3. Or they can schedule a phone or Skype appointment with our Instructors for their “Chi Energy Practitioner” Year One test. This pdf certification requirement’s list can be downloaded and followed for test preparation. Instructors will be available for questions and mentoring prior to testing.

Sifu Jones talks to graduating Chi Energy Practitioners about their upcoming training in Year Two and Three. They will learn to use their energy form in many unique ways to influence and effect the space time fabric around them.

MP3 167: Getting Your Mind Right:

The Good Feeling Part of the Tri-concept

This class is a review and more in depth discussion by Sifu Jones about the “good feeling” attribute of the Tri-concept. He brings to light that graduating year one is just the beginning of building light chi into heavy chi. Students who go on to chi training in year two will need to re-address and re-calibrate the “good feeling” Tri-concept attribute in their energy practice. Students need to be mindful and deliberate in their adaptation of the “good feeling” when performing the second year chi energy exercises.

MP3 168: Chi & Nutrition Part One

Students learn that building high amounts of energy requires good nutrition. In this class Sifu Cicero interviews Dr. Thomas Earnest, who addresses the type of nutrition basic food groups that can build protein and the right building blocks for the energy student learning this chi method.

MP3 169: Chi & Nutrition Part Two

Part Two’s class with Sifu Cicero and Dr. Thomas Earnest take a closer look at nutritional supplements and how they can accelerate your buildup of bioenergy. Students learn that they can tune into the attributes of the Tri-concept better each time they practice building chi while maintaining proper nutrition.

MP3 170: Sifu Michael Allen and his Unique Chi Abilities

Sifu Jones interviews Sifu Allen and his maverick nature of using his chi abilities an extreme way. Sifu Allen trained many years with Sifu Jones and reveals some of the problems he went through using this method in a yang way. Students will learn as Sifu Allen tells of how he has used chi energy in pretty strange and unusual ways.

PDF: The Chi Energy Practitioner Year One Requirements document

Students are provided with a written procedure document outlining the open book test requirements for year one.

PDF: Chi Energy Practitioner Certificate

After students pass their test they are provided with a hard copy or pdf certificate for graduating as a Chi Energy Practitioner.

PDF: The Nutritional mp3 class reference document

Students are provided the supplement and food source references from the Nutritional class part one and two.