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The School of Chi Energy Student Tuition Bonus

Chi Energy Training Tuition Year Two thru Four Cost Savings

When a Chi Energy Student Finishes their First Year of Training, they can enjoy a monthly tuition of rate of $97.00 throughout all their Advanced Chi Training Years (2 – 4), as long as they stay enrolled in School. This bonus includes all year one tuition subscription options.

Tuition Savings

The normal Monthly Tuition for Year Two is $197 per month, Year Three is $297 per month and for Year Four is $379.00 per month for this highly specialized training.  Students will save a total of $6,984.00 utilizing this special discounted rate, simply by staying in school with no breaks. Year one students may leave and re-enroll in the first year at the $97.00 tuition rate without a rate increase; however, students in Year Two, Year Three and Year Four must stay in school with no breaks to receive this special bonus rate.

The Investment

This is our School’s Special Gift to our students for going through our high level energy training courses. Students that cancel their tuition past the first year without a bonifide emergency, will have to pay the higher normal tuition rates, should they decide to re-enroll at a later date. Students Will Save Nearly Seven Thousand Dollars by taking advantage of this special deal.