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Develop Your Energy Beyond Reiki

 Develop Your Bio-Energy Beyond Reiki

Prior to my going through the School of Chi Energy training, I spent years instructing students in the art of esoteric teachings such as Qigong, Reiki, Chakra Healing, Yoga & Breathwork and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. This list includes my certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  In time, I became “burnt out” in my energy healing work.  More importantly, my body and mind were suffering because my energy work was starting to backfire on me and I had no idea why.

Overtime, I got burnt out and none of my fellow professionals could help me.  Each type of energy method I studied to a professional level seemed to let me down.  I lowered my expectations at energy healing.  It seemed that no matter how much time or effort I devoted to the energy modality it didn’t equate to my obtaining a higher performance level.

On top of this, the effort and time required to practice and perform these high level techniques left me exhausted and totally out of energy.  This lack of energy left me open to where I would absorb my client’s heat based energy problems.  I was in the energy healing business and I became the one, who started needing to be healed.

It was difficult for me to put my pride aside with the amount of time and dollars I spent towards energy work.  When I was young I thought my natural abilities and “sensitivity” to other people’s energy could be cultivated by the right method or teacher.  After years of working towards that effort, I had to admit my skills were mediocre at best, especially compared to the years put towards these endeavors.

In a turn of events, I came across Sifu Jones, the creator of The School of Chi Energy.  He talked in plain English and clearly described what I was doing wrong in my energy work.  I learned in the School why my skills had reached a plateau.

In the School, I learned to create an energy field or “energy form” using my own bioenergy.  This “energy form” or healing technique transformed my energy and then in turn helped me to relieve my client’s pain in a better way.  These advanced bioenergy forms can be built up over time to extremely high levels. Students practice these forms over a three year course curriculum period.

When I first entered the School, I learned all about the Tri-concept. I quickly learned that the Tri-concept is the best way to handle electromagnetic energy. During each month of classes, I practiced new two to five minute sensitivity training exercises. These exercises really did improve my sensitivity level.  Along with listening to mp3 lectures, I also performed the nerve fiber building exercise on a regular basis.

It was through the School of Chi Energy that I finally started making the gains I expected in energy work. If my energy healing story sounds similar to yours and you find that you are plateauing in your energy work, then maybe it’s time to check out the School of Chi Energy to see if it would work for you, like it did for me.

Develop Your Bio-Energy Beyond Reiki