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The Greatest Chi Cultivation Process Ever…

As a Student at the School of Chi Energy, you learn the greatest chi cultivation process ever developed; one that builds up large amounts of chi energy safely in the body.  Recent medical research has discovered many new things about how the human body actually works and functions. Chi or this life force energy that runs our bodies turns out to be bio-energy or bio-electricity.  This energy comes in the form of bio-photons which allow our bodies to communicate with itself or others. Students discover in the School how they can utilize their own body’s bio-photons amazing attributes and capabilities for advanced enhanced abilities. See the School Catalog for a list of some of the abilities or chi techniques covered. 

Build up Optimum Levels of Chi Energy

Chi Energy cultivation and maximizing results can be a reality by learning how to build up your body’s nerve fibers to release more biophotons.  Bioenergy is really biophotons which are a type of light with an electrical magnetic component. You can mold into a real tangible form of powerful yin healing energy by transferring a cool temperature and good feeling into these biophotons. It is this type of Chi Energy Cultivation Method that can bring you optimal results with a 30 minute daily practice that you can learn to develop advanced unique abilities.

  • Listen to Sifu Jones discuss how the Chi Energy Method was developed.
  • Learn how simple 2 to 5 minute sensitivity training exercises will lead to advanced abilities and healing techniques.
  • See how using the latest scientific and medical research, along with practical application will lead to better health and healing.
  • Find out how these specially designed low aerobic impact energy exercises can be cultivated to high levels in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Bio-Energy Buildup For High Levels of Energy, Health and Unique Abilities