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Chi Energy Student Demonstrations


The School of Chi Energy Student,

learns to build up their entire Nerve Fiber System with the Nerve Fiber Building exercise.  Students learn to mold “biophotons” in place, which develops into a tangible specialized type of energy form.  Along with their 20 minute Nerve Fiber Building exercise, they learn to practice specific types of two to five minute Sensitivity Training exercises.  Below are some examples of how Year One Chi Energy Students are performing their two to five minutes Sensitivity Training exercises.

Some of these 2 to 5 minute Sensitivity Training exercises are moving a straw, sensing objects thru closed containers or doors, sensing the temperature changes and density of different colors and learning to bend metal.  The Year One Students are learning to prepare for the more powerful energy exercises they will be learning in Year Two.  Year One Students learn the importance of projecting good feeling and cool energy in order to make better gains in cultivating large amounts of energy.

A Year One Chi Energy Student’s Telekinesis Straw Videos

This is a Chi Energy Student moving a straw with their “Energy Biophoton Form”.

I was in my chew (where I slept) in Iraq during the time that this was filmed. This was my first time ever doing this, so it kind of freaked me out a little bit. I had my roommate come in to watch me do it also, just to have one witness. The reason I even attempted to do this was because I have been going through the School of Chi Energy and this was one of the instructions that I received for that month.

Part One


Part Two


This is a Chi Energy Student moving a pin wheel with their “Energy Biophoton Form”.



These are Chi Energy Students performing how to bend mental with their

“Energy Biophoton Form”

Students in the School of Chi Energy learn how to do some unusual things with their training. Below are chi students practicing a two to five minute Sensitivity Training exercise.  They are bending metal by transferring a cool temperature and good feeling into the biophotons around the object. 

A Chi Energy Year One Student says: “As I picked up the spoon, I started thinking I should try the metal bending exercise.  So I did and what you see in the picture is the result.”

The School of Chi Energy

Bending metal is one of the Sensitivity Training exercises that teaches precision with “formed energy” projections.

Chi Energy Students learn the importance of making their energy good feeling and cool. This is done with students learning the Tri-concept. The Tri-concept uses particular attributes to mold and form chi in place for healing or while performing advanced energy abilities.

Learn how Chi Energy or Bioenergy can be measured as Biophotons.

Sifu Cindy Cicero is the Director and an Instructor for the School of Chi Energy, who participated in this Rhine Center experiment. There were only four other individuals besides her, during this 30 year timeframe, that have measured high amounts of biophotons in the ultraviolet range. 

The Bioenergy Experiment Article