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The Electrical Way of Reaching a Professional Healing Bioenergy Buildup


Healing Bioenegy Buildup with Chi Energy Training

Learning a Healing Bioenegy Buildup with Chi Energy Training will let you Reach the Electrical Way of High Level Abilites. Join Sifu Jones on the below audio and find out how becoming a Chi Energy Student leads to a professional level of Energy Abilities. Please listen to our audio seminar about the following topics.

  • Sifu Jones talks on what it takes to reach the Optimal Levels in Chi Cultivation to reach Advanced Unique Healing & Chi Abilities.
  • Learn how a precision in performance and temperature control are the ‘ingredients’ to achieving the Advanced Professional Level.
  • Listen to the best way to Buildup your Energy with Easy to Learn Chi Exercises that trains you how to stay in a relaxed state.

School of Chi Energy Curriculum Online Course & E-Book Download

Click the link to download our School of Chi Energy’s 62-page pdf catalog

Sifu Jones talks about a Chi Energy Students' Training Path

by Sifu Jones

The Chi Energy Method Beyond Qigong Cultivation

The School of Chi Energy provides training and instruction for advanced abilities and healing techniques to those interested in reaching the ability to perform Bio-Energy work at a professional level. Students learn to build their energy to high levels through a process called the Nerve Fiber Building energy exercise.