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Learn some of the common mistakes people make,

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Maximize Your Results building Chi Energy

  • Learn how our Instructors spent from one to five hours a day learning different methods and made less progress than this 30 minute exercise we teach now.
  • Learn the history of the Chi Energy Method and how it was developed.
  • Learn how simple 2 to 5 minute sensitivity exercises will lead to extreme abilities.
  • See how using the latest scientific and medical research, along with practical application will lead to better health and healing.
  • Learn how these specially designed low aerobic impact energy exercises can be cultivated to high levels in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Get Pro Results using the Nerve Fiber Building Exercise

  • Learn how students perform this Energy Exercise to increase the size of their body’s nerve fibers, which helps the body to release more bio-electricity.
  • Listen how the regular practice of this exercise lead students to have more chi projecting abilities than ever before.
  • Learn how our students avoid bad side effects through using the right approach to building up energy in their own body.
  • Find out why most energy systems don’t talk about pheromones or your body’s immune system and/or how energy work can directly affect them.

Learn Enhanced Psychic Abilities 

  • Learn how to build up the electrical part of the body (the nerve fibers) in order to have better insight.
  • Learn how to cultivate a large amount of biophotons in order to open up your psychic abilities.
  • Learn how doing the right energy exercises will lead to super sensitivity.
  • Listen how large amounts of energy formed into patterns can lead to remote viewing, astral travel, telekinesis or having OBEs.

Practicing Telekinesis without Side Effects

  • Learn how bioenergy and electricity have the same like properties.
  • Find out how bad side effects come out in the first place while doing energy work.
  • Listen to how using a Tri-concept can make all the difference in how the energy feels.
  • Learn how telekinesis is possible in the first place.

The Dangers of the Micro and Macro Cosmic Orbit

  • Learn how “heat” can be a roadblock and is dangerous when building high levels of bioenergy.
  • Hear how some of our Instructors experienced years of bad side effects from training in the wrong way utilizing this exercise.  Some of their stories will keep you from doing energy work the wrong way.
  • Learn how using a good feeling and cool form (the Tri-concept) leads to great side effects.
  • Listen how building up your entire body’s nerve fiber system works better than building up one particular area.

Sixteen Page Chi Energy Healing Report

  • You’ll learn about the Chi Energy Method and how it  prepares your mind and body for high level energy work.
  • Learn the common mistakes that people make, while performing high level energy work.
  • Learn about how this energy method affects your body’s pheromones, which determines how well you get along with others.
  • Read about how natural killer cells are the body’s last line of defense against viruses.  Learn how this energy healing method shows you how to build up your immune system stronger.
  • The report provides a brief overview of our Chi Energy Curriculum.

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