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Cultivating Chi Energy a Bio-Electrical Method

Building Chi to Heal the Electrical Bioenergy Body and Spiritual Mind

Welcome to the School of Chi Energy

We teach the Beginner up to the Professional a Unique Advanced Chi Energy Cultivation Method…

Chi Builders in training at the School of Chi Energy online Buildup a Circularly Formed Soothing Yin Bioenergy. Our Chi Students learn to create and build up an ever increasing flow of an electrical type of biophoton which forms into a circular circuitry framework up to very high levels.

This Professional Cultivation Method is underestimated at first for it takes time to create and build up nerve fiber volume, density and pressure that will provide for these types of high level abilities that are not known nor readily recognized in the Natural by others.The healing effects are experienced by others as the Chi Builder guides the chi form in motion.

For the Chi Builder these circular forms of energy change the body and soul mind which becomes a part of their daily life at the advanced levels.

All Chi Builders with the experience to recognize and train in the use of these extraordinary skills, using this electrical healing method, will be instructed to adhere to the Rules of Bio-Electricity to maintain the integrity of cool temperature and low intensity in maintaining their chi form effects.

Our Chi Energy Cultivation is an Electrical Healing Energy Buildup Process.  It is one of the Best Chi Methods to Buildup and Increase your Energy Levels to perform Exceptionally Unique Healing & Chi Abilities. Students learn how to build Formed Chi in the Right Way with a Cool Temperature conversion & a guided sequence of circular forms of bioenergy through their body as they Buildup their entire Nerve Fiber System.

During the Chi Energy Practice, a student builds up an Electromagnetic type of Biophotonic Energy. This practice increases the flow of their electrical impulses known as the action potentials of the Nerve Fiber System.

Each Student will learn how to adapt to the increasing buildup of Chi with a process called the Tri-Concept.  When a Student is taught our signature Tri-Concept they will transform their Raw Formed Chi into a Healing Formed Chi. They find that using the Tri-concept their body safely adapts to their buildup of Bio-Electrical Load PotentialsIt is this process that prepares their body’s nerve fiber system to reliably to handle more powerful energy exercises in Chi Energy Training.

Chi Energy Online Training with Active Feedback and Private Sessions

A School of Chi Energy Professional Cultivates Bio-Energy to very High Levels.

Students learn who to Cultivate Chi Energy to the highest optimal levels with the Best Bio-Electrical Magnetic Practice ever developed. Most energy exercises taught in the traditional way rely on a person being able to build up their muscles, ligaments & tendons thru the use of breaths, sounds and standing postures, which in turn will lead that person to be able to create more of the chi (bio-photons) they are trying to build up. Our energy exercises are actually Specially Designed Bio-Energy Flow Patterns that are healing to the body and are easy enough to be performed by persons in any walk of life.

Students are taught to work right with their own body’s nerve fiber system performing energy exercises that directly interact with the nerve fibers them self. Most energy systems also rely on building up their blood circulatory system trying to get their body’s hormonal flow to be stronger thinking that this will led to more chi capacity.

This often causes a person to go thru unwanted bad side effects, like headaches, muscle or organ pains and more; it can happen when too many hormones enter your body’s blood system too soon or as a result of heating up the inside of your body too much & for too long a time. Plus often times a person building up chi too fast in those ways can come across to others in an intense or aggressive manner.

We show a student how to by-pass all these possible trouble areas in Building up high amounts of Chi that can cause a person problems, while they are trying to harness a lot of energy. Students will learn how they can go straight to building up their body’s chi energy capacity and how they will make substantial gains in a minimum amount of time.

Sifu Jones Talks: The Chi Energy Nerve Fiber Building Practice

by Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero

Listen and find out how our students reach professional levels in Advanced Healing Abilities & Techniques with the Chi Energy Method’s Nerve Fiber Building Practice.

Buildup & Expand Your Bio-Energy into Specialized Chi Forms

As a Student at the School of Chi Energy, you’ll experience a very unique chi cultivation process; we’ll teach you how easy it is to build up your own body’s energy by using our Specialized Chi Energy Circular Forms.

In School, you’ll learn that your body’s Bio-Energy or Bio-photons have amazing attributes to them. An extraordinary thing about these bio-photons is that they can be cooled, paused in space and filled with healing emotional content. You’ll be taught how to amass biophotons together and form these electrical chains into Circular Forms of Healing Energy.

In Year One of Training, Chi Students are taught how to “Build Bio-Energy in a Form” by performing our Nerve Fiber Building Flow Pattern Chi Practice.  You’ll learn how to practice an easy to perform flow pattern that builds up your entire nerve fiber system. 

This will accelerate your body’s cellular voltage, metabolic rate and circulatory system. All this in Year One Training, prepares your body’s system for the higher levels of building bio-energy to reach professional levels in Advanced Energy Abilities & Techniques.

Sifu Jones Talks: Chi Energy Students First Year Questions

by Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero

Reach the Higher Levels in Chi Energy Abilities

As you learn how buildup bio-energy, into a specialized biophoton form of dense physical energy, you’ll enjoy better health, emotional stability and a vital source of energy that you’ll learn to use in unique ways.  What you’ll discover as a student that it is our Tri-concept Formula that develops the Bio-Form into an incredible Buildup of Strong Good Feeling Energy that creates it’s Healing Power.