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Chakra Truth and Vortexes

vortexblueChakra Truth & Vortexes.  Are Chakras really Vortexes…

Below is a seminar on Chakra Truth and Vortexes.  This is a Question and Answer Seminar about how Chi Energy students reach the higher levels at advanced abilities and healing techniques Vortexes.  You’ll learn how the science versus the metaphysical philosophy of Chakras, can change the way you perform energy healing.

  • How can a person activate their own chakras? Does your school teach this and is it a safe thing to do?
  • I’ve heard you say that a person’s ability to visualize images well, will directly affect their ability to activate their own body’s chakras, why would this be true?
  • I understand why someone wants to activate their inner chakras because they want to get more power and energy from their body, but are there any other reasons to do this?
  • I went through a number of energy systems that taught you how to activate inner chakras, but after seeing how your school is teaching this, why is your method so different?
  • What’s the difference between going through the Kundalini experience and that of activating a chakra? Is it the same thing?

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