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Extreme Chi Energy Can Be Measured

The Rhine Parapsychology Research Center

Bio-Emissions Lab Experiment

How can Bio-Energy be measured?

This article and video is about my visit to the Rhine Center’s Bio-Emissions Lab in Durham, NC.  The recent invitation to the Center was extended by Executive Director John Kruth and Bill Joines who is the primary researcher and designer of this 30 year bio-energy research experiment.

The experiment will measure bio-emissions or bio-photons that come from the human body. There are electromagnetic fields in and around the body that communicate through a light source of bio-energy called bio-photons.

During the last thirty years the Rhine Center’s Bio-Emissions experiment measures for charge accumulation and electromagnetic bio-emissions. These measurements are being used to study bio-energy healers, meditators and people who claim unusual effects on electrical equipment.

Chi Energy Instructor measures at High Levels

Chi Energy Instructor Measures at Extreme Biophotons Levels

The equipment used to measure bio-emissions are several special devices. The thermoelectric cooler is used to cool the photomultiplier tube to negative 26 degrees centigrade.  This is done to reduce interference from the electrical devices.. The baseline is taken for each individual before they begin their healing, meditation, or energy work.  The photomultiplier tube actually measures the increase in photon emissions from the baseline for the individual being tested.Then it is the photomultiplier tube that measures biophotons. When one photon of light strikes this sensitive surface it dislodges several other electrons. The dislodged electrons accelerate striking many more electrons that cause a change reaction event.

According to Wikipedia: “A bio photon (from the Greek βιο meaning “life” and φωτο meaning “light”), synonymous with ultra weak photon emission, low-level biological chemiluminescence, ultra weak bioluminescence, dark luminescence and other similar terms, is a photon of light emitted from a biological system and detected by biological probes as part of the general weak electromagnetic radiation of living biological cells. ”

The School of Chi Energy Heals Bio-Emissions Video: Cindy Cicero is the Director and Instructor for the School of Chi Energy who participated in this Rhine Center experiment. There are four individuals that have measured high amounts of biophotons in the ultraviolet range.  The video results show that she is now the “fifth” unique individual with an unusual amount of bio-photon emission that they’ve been able to measure in the last 30 years.

 The reason I feel I did so well on the test is that I built up my body’s nerve fibers using specially designed energy exercises. In the The School of Chi Energy a chi student is trained to build up the nerve fibers allowing for a stronger projection of bio-energy. When information contained in bio-photons are built up in high levels, your ability to control the hormonal flow of your body and other extreme psi abilities will be possible.

Bio-Photonics has been around awhile according to Mind Science News article: “Biophotons: DNA Radiance of Health or Disease

Professor Fritz-Albert Popp of International Institute of Biophysics (Biophotonics) in Germany has conducted research that confirms the existence of biophotons. Biophotons are weak light emitted by photons within the cells of our bodies. All cells emit light. Professor Popp says, “we are swimming in an ocean of light…” His research shows that DNA from living cells hold and release photons producing “biophotonic emissions” that radiate throughout the cellular network.

These biophotonic emissions of light have no mass, and they seem to be responsible for transmitting information inside of individual cells as well as radiating that information to other cells. These emissions may hold a key to our understanding of disease and wellness.”

It is the significant value of these types of bio-photon experiments that demonstrate those with unusually high emissions have a great influence (degree of change) over the physical reality of body and mind.

For more information on bio-energy, visit where we based our training on the latest scientific and medical research.

Chi Energy Instructor measures at High Levels

The Rhine Center measured Sifu Cicero instructor from The School of Chi Energy and found she is the “fifth” unique individual with an high amount of bio-photon emissions in the last 30 years.

This demonstrates the type of bio-energy build up that our Chi Energy students receive from their nerve fiber form training for Health, Healing and Attraction.

Chi Energy and Invisibility

Japanese-researchers-invisibility-cloak“Invisibility” is a concept that predates written language; even early hunters and gatherers knew the advantages of being “unseen” when tracking prey.  Camouflage techniques have improved throughout the centuries, and most recently, so have scientific breakthroughs regarding the possibility to achieve invisibility through technology.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “invisible” is defined as: “incapable by nature of being seen; inaccessible to view.”

The ability to go unseen, to actually become “invisible”, is something many Chi Energy practitioners hope to achieve.  Like the “magic cloaks” of science fiction and fantasy lore, many naysayers outside and within the Chi Energy Community will argue this to be impossible.  Although this article will not go into the specifics on how to perform an “invisibility” technique, (or for all the Trekkies out there, “cloaking” technique), this article will focus on the actual scientific rationale as to why this works via technology, and provide insights as to why this can also be done with chi.

Invisible Technology:

In an article published by Wired magazine, it was stated that: “the U.S. Army is getting closer to mastering man-made “meta-materials” that can bend light around an object.”  Army Eyes Invisible Cloak 

According David Smith, a professor at Duke University: “A meta-material is a material with unique properties that derive from its physical structure, not its chemical make up.”  Smith’s findings suggest that, in order to actually manipulate light, the surface of the material being used (for example, the material in an invisibility cloak) must be much smaller than that of the wavelength of light being used.  “The advances in nanotechnology are making it easier to create ever-smaller structures that can manipulate ever-smaller wavelengths,” said Smith.  Invisibility Cloaking

Students of the Chi Energy School are finding, first-hand, the true nature of the physics behind chi, and how human beings actually interact with and [can] control the subatomic particles that build the Universe as the Scientific Community has recently come to know it.

Strings, Plank Length, and Chi:

As we delve deeper into the building blocks of the Universe, we find that the smallest particle, which cannot be broken down any further, is a “string”.

“String theory is a unified theory of the universe, postulating that fundamental ingredients of nature are not zero-dimensional point particles but tiny one-dimensional filaments called strings; string theory harmoniously unites quantum mechanics and general relatively, the previously known laws of the small and the large, that are otherwise incompatible.”-  Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe

According to string theorists, it is proposed that strings are the smallest forms of energy in the known Universe.  A string’s length is “about 10 -33 centimeters,” Brian Greene The Elegant Universe.  This length is called “Plank length”, and is smaller than the subatomic particles that make-up the photons that, in turn, make visible light.  Please note: nanotechnology has yet to reach the subatomic sizes of plank length, however; practitioners Chi Energy can.  Chi is a form off electromagnetic energy (biophotons).  Human beings produce bio-electromagnetic energy; said energy serves as a key component of the functioning of the body, even at the cellular level.  It only stands to reason that many of us are indeed sensitive to and can harness/cultivate more.

Students of the Chi Energy are given step-by-step instruction regarding how to become sensitive to as well as intuitive with the electromagnetic energy they produce as well as the ebb and flow of the electromagnetic energy in the Universe.  Yes, this is a tall order, however; with the assistance of dedicated Instructions as well as a thorough curriculum students of the Chi Energy Heals School are taught to think and feel at the subatomic level. The possibilities are truly limited only by the individual’s mind.  Using chi to wrap the body in light-diffracting particles is something that is certainly conceivable and, given the proper training, certainly achievable.

We at the School of Chi Energy have found that chi energy is best developed when a healthy mind and a healthy body work in unison.

Please visit other pages on our School site to find out more about the Chi Energy Method and course catalog.  Also, visit our School of Chi Energy Training Article blog is updated regularly with the latest scientific data that proves, via physics, the existence of chi.

In the interim: be well; be mindful.

Sifu Brown [Certified Chi Energy Instructor]

Psychic Abilities & Chi Energy

SpirtBeingsESP and Chi Power Cultivation

The online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica defines extrasensory perception (ESP) as follows: Perception that involves awareness of information about something (such as a person or event) not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience.

ESP is often associated with paranormal/psychic abilities such as: telepathy (the ability to communicate via the mind/thought); clairvoyance and precognition (sensing other places, events, people and time); telekinesis/psychokinesis (the ability to move objects via the mind/thought) and many other “psi” related capabilities.

ESP and Science

20th century scientists are finding new evidence, through theories of Quantum Mechanics (the study of how the tiny particles which make up atoms behave), that ESP is a viable phenomenon.  Which is to say, although they are currently unable to “pinpoint” through scientific rigors exactly what is going on with ESP/psi related occurrences, they must admit that “something” is there.

Dean Radin, who has held appointments at Princeton University and Edinburgh University, has published several books based upon his own experiments that give rise to the scientific validity of ESP and psi abilities.

In The Entangled Mind, Radin offers the following regarding the concept of “interconnectedness” at the scientific level: “One of the most surprising discoveries of modern physics is that objects aren’t as separate as they may seem. When you drill down into the core of even the most solid-looking material, separateness dissolves.  These connections were predicted by quantum theory and were called “spooky action at a distance” by Albert Einstein.”

Furthermore, Radin writes [ The Entangled Mind]: “Scientists are now finding that there are ways in which the effects of microscopic entanglements “scale up” into our macroscopic world. Entangled connections between carefully prepared atomic-sized objects can persist over many miles. There are theoretical descriptions showing how tasks can be accomplished by entangled groups without the members of the group communicating with each other in any conventional way. Some [scientists] even propose that the entire universe is a single, self-entangled object….

When the fabric of reality is examined very closely, nothing resembling clockworks can be found. Instead, reality is woven from strange, “holistic” threads that aren’t located precisely in space or time. Tug on a dangling loose end from this fabric of reality, and the whole cloth twitches, instantly, throughout all space and time.”

Chi and Quantum Mechanics

Radin takes the theoretical leap and connects the dots between Eastern mysticism and current, Western physics.  “The idea of the universe as an interconnected whole is not new; for millennia it’s been one of the core assumptions of Eastern philosophies. What is new is that Western science is slowly beginning to realize that some elements of that ancient lore might be correct,” (The Entangled Mind).

Chi, as defined by Eastern mystics, is synonymous with that which Western scientists have called the Quantum Field.  The theories are markedly similar when compared side-by-side.  Each [Chinese Mysticism and Quantum Mechanics] speaks of an energy field made up of tiny particles that comprise everything, and move through everything.  Further giving rise to the feeling of “interconnectedness”.

It is no great wonder, then, that many people report belief in ESP related abilities and/or claim to have experienced these abilities themselves, on some level.

We at the School of Chi Energy Heals believe that with proper instruction and exercises, virtually anyone can be taught how to increase both their sensitivity to chi as well as magnify their chi [output].

It naturally follows that, as the student’s chi and sensitivity to chi grows, ESP related capabilities will naturally follows, and can be honed to the student’s desired results over a period of time.


Sifu Brown [certified instructor] for The School of Chi Energy



Deliberately downplayed to the point of avoidance during the beginning years of chi training, sounds play a rather critical role in the upper echelon of advanced techniques and energy cultivation.

Recently, scientists have made marked strides in the area of acoustic levitation: lifting objects using sound waves. The concepts and technological specifics of acoustic levitation are in lockstep with this circular method of chi cultivation; further reinforcing the importance of sounds and knowing the specific ways in which to use them.

The article “How Acoustic Levitation Works” does a fantastic job blending the technical specifics without losing the layman in a quagmire of jargon. It is an excellent primer, allowing practitioners of this circular method of chi building to bridge heretofore gaps and make connections as to why sounds are of such importance, and used with the utmost of care and precision.

From the accidental formation of standing waves and the random acts of havoc they create, to the pheromone burning phenomena of acoustic saturation, sound waves manifest in our lives in very quirky ways. Without prior knowledge and preparation, even the most mindful and diligent of us find ourselves at the mercy of our own noise pollution. As we build our energy output to higher and higher levels, we find that every aspect of our being, physical and spiritual, is effected in ways that go far beyond “counter intuitive”.

Take a few minutes to read the article on acoustic levitation, and rethink the importance of tones, circles, and interpersonal relationships. The light bulb will come on, and you will be in complete harmony with the world around you, making a joyful noise indeed.

In the interim, be well; be mindful.


Don Brown [certified instructor]

Chi & Endorphins

Chi Energy increases Endorphins

Chi Energy exercises increases the blood flow &  Chi meditation brings you in alignment.

 Endorphins are endogenous opioid polypeptide compounds. They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during strenuous exercise,[1] excitement, pain, consumption of spicy food and orgasm,[2][3] and they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being. Endorphins work as “natural pain relievers.”

Benefits of Meditation : Endorphin release

When we are truly relaxed both mentally and physically, there are changes in the brain waves pattern until it is predominantly located and fixed within the alpha state. Within this particular state the brain triggers chemicals known as endorphins. It is in fact this chemical trigger that has the Benefits that are experienced as a feeling of well being. Meditation is one of the easiest way to achieve this and these good feelings can easily linger for some time after the meditation has ended. There is also a real physical benefit as these endorphins boost and recharge the immune system, helping you to fight off all kinds of infections. Some of them are as follows:

  • Lower heart rate and reduced work load of the heart.
  • Reduction of free radicals- unstable oxygen molecules that can cause tissue damage.
  • Decreased high blood pressure.
  • Higher skin resistance. Low skin resistance is correlated with higher stress and anxiety levels.
  • Drop in cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular disease.
  • Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing. This has been very helpful to asthma patients.